COSMO Electric Guitar

COSMO Electric Guitar

Modern electric guitar with innovative body made out of bent sheet of metal comes with a freely movable and interchangeable pickup system.

Unlike traditional electric guitars, the magnetic pickups on the COSMO attach directly to the steel body, allowing you to freely move and position them as you play.

This simple yet ingenious design opens up a wide range of sonic possibilities, giving you the ability to customize your sound effortlessly.

COSMO¬†doesn’t compromise on sound quality, playability, or comfort.

Each instrument is meticulously crafted by Robin Stummvoll.

Bent Electric Guitar

Robin Stummvoll Electric Guitar

COSMO Guitar

COSMO Bent Electric Guitar

Robin Stummvoll COSMO Electric Guitar

Verso Musical Instruments

COSMO Verso Musical Instruments

Robin Stummvoll Guitar

Bent Guitar

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