Skateboard Guitars

Skateboard Guitars

Unique guitars made by Ezequiel Galasso and Gianfranco De Gennar out of stacks of recycled skateboards.

Old and broken skateboard decks are transformed into beautiful guitars.

Each “Skate Guitar” is handmade in the Galasso Guitars workshop in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Recycled skateboards get new life in the form of cool electric guitars.

Skate Guitar

Recycled Skateboard Guitar

Skateboard Guitar

Skateboards Guitar

Guitar Made of Skateboards

Galasso Guitars

Skate Guitars

Skateboard Deck Guitars

Skateboard Deck Guitar

Skate Deck Guitars

Skate Deck Guitar

Skateboards Guitars

Guitars Made of Skateboards

Recycled Skateboard Guitars

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  1. Lilia Smiles

    That’s really cool aaaannnddd the guy making the guitar made a creepy face :)

  2. Gert

    My husband would probably love one of these actually.

  3. smokie fox

    i would eventually get board with it… (oh snap, see what i did there)

  4. adam smith

    Great idea – will make use of skateboards that distroyed on the ramps and in the skate parks :)…plus you still get to keep your skateboard :)

  5. Snufkin

    Best thing on toxel EVER!

  6. fakhri

    Simply awesome

  7. Alya Sabry

    SERIOUSLY how can i get one ??

  8. Alex

    How much dous it cost plus can u make one with any image or what u need to do cuz I wanna buy one tho

  9. Benjamin Meade

    I wish to purchase two guitars

  10. Charlene Kimberly

    How do I purchase one?

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