Billboard Houses

Billboard Houses

Slovakian company Design Develop wants to transform outdoor billboards into miniature houses for homeless people.

Unused space behind the billboards can easily be converted into triangle houses with small bathrooms and comfortable beds.

Advertising billboards will provide electricity and serve as light sources.

Billboard Homes

Billboard Home

Billboard Houses for Homeless

Billboard Homes for Homeless

Design Develop Billboard Houses


Billboard House for Homeless

Billboard Home for Homeless

Billboard House

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  1. Ian Webb

    Now i think this is a great idea…. I would definetly live in one of these, especially if they were cheap or free. If the manufacture wants to contact me over in the UK then im ready…. :-) just need the land and a parking space for 2 cars… lol

  2. Rudy

    The idea is very nice but there’s so many things wrong with this too.
    Nobody is going to maintain or keep it clean. In little time it’s going to be filthy and filled with bugs and animals.

  3. handoko

    Its will have heavy pollution

  4. Derek Russell

    interesting approach to providing housing for homeless but i agree with rudy, there needs to be maintenance planned. who is going to do that?

  5. Alex

    They better add some serious layers of soundproofing.

  6. Dax

    This is meant for homeless people. It’s for people who really need it. It’s not supposed to be perfect and well maintained.

  7. Jim

    Great Philanthropy concept; but, helping people must be done hands on, not isolating them. And, with the thoughts of infestations, drugs, alcohol, and maintenance, they are just impractical.

  8. Schmavis

    In America, It would be turned into a Meth Lab or Crack House within hours of construction. The rural located “houses” would be made into Deer Blinds.

  9. criticaleye

    So… where are the plumbing hookups? Do sewer/fresh water lines already exist, or will someone need to pay to have them run to these huts?

    “… billboards will provide electricity…” What does this mean? Ad revenue pays for electric? (Or are there solar cells on the roof?)

    Nice sentiment, but this concept isn’t really based on a lot of reality.

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