Foldont Chair

Foldont Chair

Unconventional chair refuses to fold and demands attention, challenging expectations with its unapologetic, non-folding design.

Foldont Chair designed by Jumbo isn’t here to conform. It is a rebellious take on the mundane folding chair.

Breaking free from the ordinary, the chair flaunts a robust design with thick volumes and luxurious birdseye veneer.

Weighing over 50 lbs, this chair refuses to conform to the folding trend, making a bold statement against utilitarian norms.

Thick, unyielding, and refusing to fold, it challenges the status quo.

Foldont Chair by Jumbo NYC

Jumbo NYC Foldont Chair

Justin Donnelly and Monling Lee Foldont Chair

Jumbo Foldont Chair

Foldont Chair by Jumbo

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