Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno

tebe interesno

Today’s inspiration comes from LiveJournal user tebe_interesno, a talented Russian artist from Moscow, famous for his creative photo manipulations.

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 2

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 3

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 4

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 5

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 6

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 7

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 8

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 9

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 10

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 11

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 12

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 13

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 14

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 15

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 16

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 17

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 18

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 19

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 20

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 21

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 22

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 23

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 24

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno 25

Photo Manipulations by tebe_interesno

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  1. Paul Sample

    Woow she’s so creative, thank you for giving us inspiration everyday.

  2. haroon


  3. Lay

    I really love these pictures. Never heard of this artist before but will definitely be on a look out now.

  4. ephi

    awesome work. thank you so much!

  5. Droop

    Paul Sample- “famous for his creative photo manipulations.”

    I think the artist is male.

  6. Ales

    Haha now this is amazing, genious even! Great imagionation!

  7. collateral


  8. bleh

    Honnestly, most of those photos would be better without the photoshoping.

  9. sudarto


  10. Bored

    Love the traintracks

  11. subcorpus

    nice collection …
    i like the second one the most …

  12. really?

    the notion of what’s better is entirely subjective here.

  13. loveprOne


  14. haroon

    can I get a high quality download link for this?

  15. AlphaDx

    Felicitaciones, desde Chile un aplauso, preciosas fotografias.

    T: Contratulations, from Chile a clap, nice pictures.

  16. christo

    These are great.. Anyone know if there are some hi-res versions kicking around somewhere?

  17. pterzw

    Shopped. Pixels are all wrong. I have seen many photoshopped pics so I can tell.

  18. capt. obvious

    “Photo Manipulations”

    and excellent!

  19. dailycrow

    The dreadlock guy in the green hall scene REALLY made me laugh!

    This series has got it going, for a nice body of work.

  20. Cheap

    That brick wall is way too funny

  21. designer


  22. Voltara

    big deal. Can;t see anything here which is that clever

  23. italida

    I really love your photos, they are awesome and truly genial!!! :D

  24. OJ

    not much of an art/photograph person BUT these are great!!!

  25. The Koi Man

    Nice photos. What editing software do you use?

  26. Eric

    Pretty incredible. The photoshopping seemed to get better the further you went. Nice work.

  27. Andrew

    Amazing, very creative!

    Shopped. Pixels are all wrong. I have seen many photoshopped pics so I can tell.

    Wait those aren’t real?

  28. Karen

    Very nice work! Interesting indeed.

  29. Vu Nguyen

    very interesting ideas and the creative transferring method of photography. I like the color tone and the scene set-up a lot!!! Really enjoy a lot. Thanks!!!

  30. maq

    wow… great!!!

  31. Beezy

    i love these!

  32. amanullah

    it’s great!!!

  33. bob

    Did anyone notice the similarities between a few of these and half life 2 enemies?

  34. jeff

    i like the photo #18…

  35. Dorela

    Nice collection! thanks for sharing!

  36. Furbluskus

    Awesome!!! Fantastico!! Me encanta! A great desing!

  37. Fantastic photos

    Great collection. Absolutely worth a post.

  38. danielle

    great creations, they will make very nice wallpapers…

  39. Guido

    Espectacular, wonderfull!

  40. rose

    these pplz tht r writtin r so POSH

  41. Maki

    The photos are just amazing! Thanks for the share :)

  42. Chris


  43. BBO

    more than great wallpaper. i never write on these sites. very well done.

  44. Anusha

    cool pix.

    thanks dude!!

  45. simypops

    wiked !!!

  46. Parlan

    very very very nice!! :D

  47. Parlan

    great work! i like em

  48. Suzana

    My Dear, this is amazing, very refreshing. I am so happy when I see the genius of the human beings acting, showing a creation. I love it Suzana

  49. James

    Cool photos, but why use characters from Miyazaki’s film Spirited Away instead of your own?

  50. eye

    Damn, i admire. All of those look just perfect. Your skill and imagination, simple impossible great fusion. ;) Keep it goin’. Cheers from Poland x).

  51. vanderbatl


  52. juan jaramillo

    love the imagination … love the style… love the idea… simply bautiful

  53. mehul

    just so awesome.

  54. Christine

    How cute :) Thanks for sharing.

  55. Bloghita

    Nice dude! You must have a huge imagination. It’s just amazing!
    You have a place in my feedreader!
    Nice Job!!!

  56. Joep

    Maybe this is some form of art, but what a waste of photography!

  57. Martin Lewis

    Joep..get a life

  58. Gabriel Gadfly

    These are really cool.

  59. alain

    Now that’s something! Really impressive and inspiring.

  60. iBoi



    Ah these are amazing. Well done.

  62. ReallyJapan

    Oh God, this guy is amazing.. impressive images

  63. sir jorge

    those are fantastic.

  64. slashlu

    wow..beautiful.great work at these photos..i like it so much.

  65. deepak

    i like it……………………..

  66. kestagueno


  67. Rick

    What an imagination! Nice to zone out now and again in fantasy.

  68. Lisa

    Lovely work, thank you for sharing. Ignore the detractors here, and keep going, it is extremely good to see such work being done.

  69. cheezeflicker

    honestly the people who are saying like “thats photoshopped” – well never, genius
    and someone said something like “its not that great” – well i would like to see them do better.

    damn, youve got skills

  70. picklini

    Wow. strangley amazing pics…

  71. smokn

    this guy has a great style

  72. Taskuku

    very creative, it is a great inspiration indeed

  73. Eric

    Very cool indeed!

  74. Claudette

    Cool awesome picture…Good luck man

  75. Sajid

    Naaice work…

  76. tom

    What is the name of the cartoons this artist uses? The work is excellent.

  77. scy

    wow… these are so cool.
    where can i find more?
    if there aren’t any more, then make some! these are awesome!
    they make me want to go out and draw better…

  78. Eduardo

    Honnestly, most of those photos would be better without the photoshoping.

  79. Glotik

    The best in Russia… ;)

  80. metroplex02

    Isn’t that Dmitri Maximov? He is quite amazing IMHO.

  81. Chef Maven

    just lovely – I want more! Great eye candy!

  82. Elu_Du_Destin

    Exactly! It’s Dmitriy Maximov artworks. Visit HIS(he is male =) ) livejournal to see more of his stunning masterpieces.
    His nickname is “tebe_interesno” that could be translated in English as “are_you_interested”

  83. Shane Shaw

    Awesome stuff.

  84. corey

    how does he do that?????

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