Polycade Modular Arcade System

Polycade Modular Arcade System

Innovative arcade cabinet for your home features wall-mountable design and swappable controls that let you play large variety of new and retro games.

Polycade Sente modular arcade machine blends support for old classic video games and modern titles, offering a premium arcade experience.

Quality design with powder-coated steel enclosure, Sanwa joysticks, 100W sound system, and crisp 1080p display with 2ms response time.

Choose between a pre-configured mini PC, use your own components (ATX chassis included), or integrate a video game console.

Polycade Sente comes in white or black. Match it to your decor and level up your gaming setup.

Polycade Sente Modular Arcade System

Polycade Sente

Modular Arcade System

Polycade Arcade System

Arcade System for your Wall

Arcade System for your Home

Polycade Sente Arcade System

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