Flying Houses

Flying Houses

Apartment buildings and residential houses take off and fly in a series of creative images by talented photographer Laurent Chehere.

French artist photographed real houses and inserted them into the sky.

The goal was to show us the hidden beauty of each structure.

Floating Houses

Flying Building

Flying House

Houses by Laurent Chehere

Flying Apartment Building

Laurent Chehere

Floating House

Flying House by Laurent Chehere

Flying Houses by Laurent Chehere

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  1. Betty

    This is amazing because on some level, I buy it. It’s believable.

  2. Mel

    Ow his goal worked! At least for me. Impressive.

  3. Chad

    Very cool. I like the nice touches on the undersides of the buildings like the clothes lines. It’s like real-life renderings of the paintings by Amy Casey:

  4. Max

    Looks like somebody was inspired by René Magritte

  5. Douglas

    Do the people in the last house jump or what?

  6. kadal

    these are awesome !!!
    i love the one with cloth hanging below the house…looks like spiderman did it :P

  7. woops

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

  8. mjd

    These are amazing. The clothesline one is my favorite, framed window is beautiful. I wonder if all these homes and buildings are in France.

    Chad, thanks for posting the Amy Casey link, they’re awesome!

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