Bookshelf Building

Bookshelf Building

Creative parking garage of the Kansas City Public Library looks like a giant bookshelf filled with classic books.

The building was designed by Dimensional Innovations. Local residents selected the titles of the books that are displayed on the bookshelf.

[photos by David King and Jonathan Moreau]

Bookshelf Parking Garage

Kansas City Public Library Parking Garage

Kansas City Parking Garage

Central Library Parking Garage

Kansas City Public Library

Kansas City Library

Kansas City Library Parking Garage

Library Parking Garage

Bookshelf Library

Kansas City Public Library

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  1. mike g

    what a treat for the eyes and mind !!!

  2. GreenGrass

    That’s beautiful

  3. John


  4. Me


  5. Mike

    I wish they would have made the books thicknesses more proportional. I guess I’m being a hypercritical engineer though. Great project!

  6. Enrico Martinez

    They’re awesome. I like books very much.
    If those book covers’ colors have faded in the future; would they paint over a NEW book title?
    Or same OLD book title?

  7. Rich

    And our central library in Seattle is designed (by Rem Koolhaas) to look like a stack of books:

  8. Betty

    Great titles!!!

  9. hany ghannam

    That’s beautiful… but in egypt bild this decor from 10 year ago .. thnx

  10. kadal

    its feel like a Library city…and everyone on that city wear glasses and read a book while they walk…..

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