Wire Trees

Wire Trees

Beautiful tree sculptures created by Kevin Iris out of aluminum alloy wires.

Talented sculptor has been making trees for more than 23 years. Kaitrees require very little maintenance and never lose their shine.

Metal Trees

Wire Tree

Aluminum Bonsai Tree

Metal Tree

Wire Bonsai Tree

Metal Tree Sculpture

Wire Tree Sculpture

Metal Bonsai Tree

Tree Sculpture

Aluminum Tree


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  1. henry


    the time and effort that has to be put into this is just unbelievable ..

  2. Kevin Iris

    Hi there Toxel thank you for posting about my trees. Have been wandering around your site and you have quite a bit of interesting info here and your site loads fast even on mobile browsers. Good show mates.

    Yes Henry longest one so far is around 450 hrs and had around 10,000 loops on top for leaves.

  3. Betty

    Beautiful! I like the roots.

  4. Lol


  5. Bianca

    My grandpa has done the same for around 40 years, he would love to see this :)

  6. Math

    I guess he is a twisted artist!!!

  7. kadal

    absolutely beautifull

  8. AMADO

    creative, new :)

  9. Kevin

    @ Kevin Iris
    Heya Kevin, your work is amazing. One question though, are your trees for sale? If yes, what are the prices like? :D

  10. Subarulol

    Absolutely splendiferous kevin :) i would love to have a few of these in my house , what a medium , wire art (ponders) :) keep up

  11. mongolians


  12. BLUE

    WOW! I’m in 5th grade and our art teacher showed us this!
    we tried to make things out of wire too! not so easy!! I’m so lucky to grow up in a world of art <3

  13. Art of Concept

    Thumbs up! Lovely work! :D

  14. Alyx

    Hello there Kevin. All the good sentimental statements have been made, so will repeat, amazing work. I also enjoy sculpting with wire. When I began I did not have access to the internet so I did not have any guides. Everything was trial and bloody fricken error and error and error. You mentioned on your second video that there would be photos of your work in progress on the Home Tree. I have not found them. I am really very interested in seeing how you go about creating your trunks. My design, while serviceable, is rudimentary and uninteresting. Do you have the time and interest for specific questions? And have you ever heard of G.H. Rothe, Master of the Mezzotint – Her “Oaktree” is amazing. Thank you for being an inspiration. Your work is truly memorable.

  15. Kristina

    Beautiful, stunning !! No words can describe how gorgeous these are!
    I love them!!

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