17 Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

17 Creative Anti-Smoking Ads

Clever anti-smoking campaigns and creative advertising designed to get people to quit smoking.

Smoking Is Poison

12 meter long chemical tanker that looks like a cigarette was created by Cancer Research UK to highlight the toxic smoke in cigarettes. [more]

Smoking Is Poison

Passive Smoking Kills

Every year nearly 3,400 people die in UK from lung cancer caused by passive smoking.

Passive Smoking Kills

The Smoker’s Lung

The smoker’s glass lung was installed in front of public buildings in Germany to encourage people to quit smoking.

The Smokers Lung

Tobacco Related Deaths

Terrorism-related deaths since 2001: 11,377. Tobacco-related deaths since 2001: 30,000,000.

Tobacco Related Deaths

World No Tobacco Day

No Tobacco Day is observed around the world every year on May 31.

World No Tobacco Day

Smoking Crime Scene

Smoking Crime Scene

Second Hand Smoke

Roy Castle lung cancer foundation reminds us that second hand smoke hospitalises 17,000 UK children a year. [more]

Second Hand Smoke

Anti-Smoking Stickers

Stickers for quitsmoke.us were places on cars and around smoking areas.

Anti-Smoking Stickers

Smoking Causes Premature Aging

Smoking Causes Premature Aging

Smoker’s Morning

Toothbrush made from cigarettes and toothpaste make from ash.

Cigarettes Toothbrush

Slow Death

Smoking causes slow and painful death. Quit now!

Slow Painful Death

Effect of Smoking on Lungs

Not an ad, but still a thought provoking image by Sancho Hemelsoen.

Effect of Smoking on Lungs

Cigarette Lipstick

Think it makes you pretty? Clever advertisement from Moscow.

Cigarette Lipstick

Anti-Smoking Billboard

Using 15,000 cigarettes butts, glued together one by one in an outdoor panel, the Peruvian League of fight against cancer demonstrated the damage that a person who smokes causes to his family.

Anti Smoking Billboard

Marlboro .44 Magnum

Marlboro 44 Magnum

Fight Smoking Punching Bag

Exercise is a great way to control the urge to smoke. Go on knock that cigarette out.

Fight Smoking Punching Bag

Weapons of Mass Destruction

The text is written with systematic arrangement of cigarettes.

Weapons of Mass Destruction

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  1. unDave


    -by unDave™

  2. s

    original ads..I like the “Second Hand Smoke
    ” and “Anti-Smoking Billboard”…..i think parents will quit smoking because of their children and family…

  3. Dave

    Wow! this is so effective and innovative. great job

  4. gunneos

  5. kaTi

    That just made me want to go outside and smoke.
    And that’s what I’ma do now

  6. Rit

    @kaTi …..so digusting

  7. Karin Stewart

    Not many people commented on this one. Too ashamed of your habit? If people only believed that their future and that of others is hurt in such horrible ways, perhaps more would find the strength to TRY to quit, and if they fail, keep trying, and trying, until they can actually say, “I HAVE QUIT FOR GOOD!”

  8. lily

    SO creative!

  9. mostafa

    Fight Smoking Punching Bag, a real fight!

  10. djashish

    People would not quit smoking by looking at this ad.They might avoid 1 or 2 cigarettes till the time it is there in their minds,after then they’ll forget.Let them learn from their own experiences.One day when the above pictures will be replaced by their own photographs then it’ll be too late to quit..

  11. GreG

    Smoking is a personal decision… The world acts as if you’re not going to die of something slow and painful anyways between all the ways people die all the time. As if people do not already know the risks they are taking. These pieces of art are very creative, some (such as the gun) impressive even, ahh symbolism. Where the problem lies is the fact that everybody wants to run the world their way; it’s funny how bad a rep smokers get… I guess I’ll never understand this world in the fact that, we will all die eventually so who care why, when, or how? Why not enjoy now and when something bad later comes, cross that bridge? You’re not promised a tomorrow if your a smoker, drug abuser, or what ever else. You’re not promised a tomorrow if you’re a saint, celebrity, or anything. I’d like to meet the first person who ever tried to push their opinion onto someone else and just watch it all unfold… Live and let live… Judging by the way society is these day, that individual must have put that saying to rest :\

    Anyways, I do not smoke, I do not (ab)use drugs, I hate chemicals, I dislike most of society due to how self descrutive they really are… Everyone seems to be caught up with being in some sort of trend, aye? What’s after the whole global warming scare? I believe they’re working on obesity? After that will be chemicals in your food… After that will be books on how to raise your kid and live life; then there will even be books about how to be a part of society, just like EVERYONE ELSE. Does nobody seem to see the push towards conforming to a single type of person?

    Grow up, grow your own brain, form an opinion not biased and swayed by these people who make it ‘cool’ to protest or to ‘stand up’ for what you ‘believe’. We’re all the same becuase of how different we all really are. But pushing these dumb ideas, trying to ‘save lives’ that never requested saving. It reminds me of the Crusades… Look how well that went. Maybe some radical sect of an anti-smoking group will pop up and start killing people who don’t stop smoking. Ha! That’d be fun to read about, oh the humor in it all, I can just see it now :P

  12. Julie

    These are really cool! Would like to see more like this out and about!

  13. Cory

    i thought it was really funny how “aging” was misspelled in the ciggarettes cause premature aging ad. Look at the bottom right corner.

  14. Centime

    “Aging” is the common American English spelling.

    “Ageing” is the common British English spelling.

    Very creative ads, but not really designed to motivate people to quit. No shock value, and when you are up against a change that is drastic, one that you might not quite be ready to make, you need something powerful or shocking to inspire you to action.

    That’s my take on it, anyway. And while I do agree that it is one’s right to smoke if one wants to, I think it is good to try and teach children that starting smoking isn’t the best idea.

    I have smoked for 38 years and would give just about anything to go back and not have started. I am having a ridiculously difficult time quitting and I don’t know why. Health isn’t really the issue for me, for reasons that GreG outlined in his post; its the $$. Can’t afford it.

    Anyway, love the ads. Thought provoking, if not compelling. :)

  15. kamal

    I used to be a chain smoker and now I am out of all this .. I do not recommend anyone to smoke a normal ciggie or one stuffed with pot.. niether do I ask anyone to stop doing it just because I am no more doing it.. Freewill!! here is my de-addiction story :D http://godisthere.wordpress.com/2009/08/26/then-and-now-deaddiction-drive/

  16. delere

    Very nice. I have a friend here in the States who is from the UK who smokes like a chimney. He’ll be 40 this year and his doctor 4 years ago told him he wouldn’t make it to 50 (xrays show beginning emphysema). That’s about when his daughter will graduate high school. I wish he could be swayed by this.

  17. ali

    good idea!

  18. kiano

    i’ve quit smoking.. but i still smoke when i’m drunk! :D
    totally speaking .. smoking sucks .. idon like it.

  19. mohammad

    wow… incredible, amazing …

  20. Manoochehr

    Wow.., My brother should see all of them

  21. photofunny

    Excelent ideas to make people don’t smoke. Very original the crime scene.

  22. kavir


  23. Mark

    My father gave up smoking when he got cancer and never got to see his grandson go to University. I love all of the adverts.

  24. ehsan

    these signs must be everywhere !!

  25. Manish Ahuja

    Inspiring, out of the box, innovative, effective, thought provoking, in the face, to the point, succinct… just about a few adjectives I can think of for these excellent ads right now. I agree with Ehsan (the commenter above me), these ads should be published everywhere to create awareness and to do justice to every artists creation.

    Manish :)

  26. Joeye Smokeye

    With ll the world´s contamination.. o, I´ll rephrase that: With all of us contaminating the world, I walk the streets, inhaling most of the foul air, which other BIG enterprises/companies seems to have forced upon me. Let me do what I want too, all major big industries do NOT ask me if it´s okay.. they oblige me, whether I fancy it or not. It´s my choice, and I just lit a nice one up.


  27. NDY

    But i c all of them 1years ago!
    i love it!
    smooooking ؟?

  28. sajila

    thats excellent, but im afraid smokers still smoke in spite of these effective works !what should be done?

  29. Daniel Hernandez

    this things that are here are awesome im from mexico city this website its cool and all this ads about anti tobbaco are awesome coninue like this.. congratulations

  30. hamid

    so good idea for reduce smoking for people.

  31. ibeb

    two thumbs up!!!
    love it so much

  32. JJ

    cute but Non effective

  33. tony

    kinda creepy but effective

  34. wc

    Amazing idea!

    Anti smoke always!

  35. cow

    Malboro .44 magnum!!




  36. ebh

    Choosing to be a smoker isn’t really a personal decision. Most smokers start before they are 18 years old, and most become addicted after smoking just a few cigarettes. That’s not choice — it’s actual chemical addiction. If anyone wants to blame big companies for what they’re putting into the air, blame big tobacco companies: they’re the only corporations that legally sell products that kill 1/3 of the people that use them.

  37. Rochelle

    I’mglad my stepfather quit to bad for my great granddad and my grandfather they never quit and died.

  38. Rochelle

    I wish they didn’t

  39. janaka

    Tobacco-related deaths
    Very creative ads

  40. ngoc_htc

    these persuade me a lot.
    I think I will stop my brother from smoking
    tobacco is very harmful and can drive u to death

  41. lan tran

    i wish my father can see these ads.i think he can change his opinion

  42. tran thu ha tai chinh

    I hate people who love smoking
    In future, I am sure that I won’t get married with people who have a habit in smoking.because it will affect to my children.hj.^_^

  43. Trần Thị Thu Hường

    What the “shock” pictures! These signs must be every where: walls,clothers,cigarette packets,books,newspapers,whells…to persuade everybody to quit smoking.Smoking causes millions young deaths and affects on health of billions people all over the world.That’s a terrible number. It’high time stopped this.Let’s start the anti-smoking campaign right now in our own families.

  44. Pingpong of 5102

    these are the real ads that makes people stop smoking immediatetly while in Viet nam,we have not yet done.It is so lucky that my father abandoned smoking two months ago.this thanks to much attempt of my family,not only him.

  45. quynhphuong

    I think those advertisements have enough power to prevent people from smoking. If in Vietnam to stop people from smoking, the government only prints: “smoking is harmful to your health”, those ads give us many impressing images instead of speech. THAT’S VERY CREATIVE.

  46. Gobin Singha

    hi… thank u 4 this all.. I have 2 show this all 2 my dad……

  47. seryun9x

    This is a very good way to warn people about bad effect of smoking….very creative …i like it

  48. Einstein from 51.01

    i will show these ads 2 my dad,it’s too difficult 2 persuade him 2 give up smoking.thanks for all!!love it!

  49. non smoker

    this is a very powerful website!!! [stop smoking you people who smoke…i guess?]

    ps I LOVE ERAGON!!!!!!!!

  50. smoke sucks

    heyy sup people?!?! STOP SMOKING!! my grandpa died of lung cancer….:(…. becuzz of smoking

  51. Scirocco

    They might avoid 1 or 2 cigarettes till the time it is there in their minds,after then they’ll forget.Let them learn from their own experiences.

  52. helal ahmed

    very much helpful for non-smoker

    helal ahmed
    secretary general
    ‘pratyasha’anti-drug’s club

  53. sasahara

    wow so creative, we must do sth like this in our country too.

  54. cuconut head

    these ads r cool and badass

  55. juston

    hey these ads are like super awsome

    -juston aka jamila

  56. Rian

    These ads are really cool. i like that were thinking of innovative ways to get our point across, but for everyone, including those that commented on this page, lets remember that smoking is a basic right.

    Yes, i smoke, i understand the consequences that i may experience, but its my choice. I for one am really tired of being lectured everywhere i go for smoking. im tired of the dirty looks; it doesnt concern anyone but me.

  57. Shaun

    I agree with the person above me. I understand the consequences of my smoking habit, but i do it. So please stop lecturing and/or threatening me every chance you get. Live and let live.

  58. Tim

    i think that people should just give up and save up for something else better other than ciggarettes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. Casey

    smoking pollutes the air…

  60. CeeCee

    I quit smoking 3 days ago (at least im trying) but looking at these pictures of cigarettes just makes me want to smoke again… Though, I can image that you feel disgusting when you see them if you are actually smoking at that moment….

  61. Dan

    You have a right to smoke, you have a right not to!
    We don’t have rights to force behaviour on each other!

    I hate the smell and the taste and the effects (shitty health)!
    I hate that you are addicted!
    I do not judge you, please don’t judge me when I move away from the smoky air. I would prefer not to pass through it when I enter or leave a building (in the UK).
    I applaud you if you manage to kick the habit.
    Large corporations and govts ‘want, not need’ your money though! So it is tough for you.
    Good luck if u wish to quit. No probs if u don’t!

  62. hey

    hahaha… this is soooo funny :)

  63. Hiba Alware

    I’ve got nothing to do with smoking; I’ve never smoked in my life and I never will. But the pics r reely creative & imaginative. They helped me a lot 4 my school project.My teacher was pleased with me all thanks 2 these pics.

  64. Frank

    The Smoker’s Lung is creativ and extremly, but very cool!

  65. kayla

    i think that all these posters would stop people from smoking!!

    it is triible 2 smoke and the people should no better not 2 smoke!!

  66. Dave

    I think non smokers should stop whinging, i have smoked for 5o years no probs, all non smokers should be executed

  67. Gil

    @Kayla. I think people should learn how to use proper English =)

  68. oaitse

    These ads are just creative, I would say for the non smokers out there who are seeing this and they don’t quit they just don’t love themselves. I am a foreigner in Malaysia and I think this would help them.

  69. Mike

    I had “CANCER CURES SMOKING” lettered on my station wagon rear window.

  70. vikas

    So creative…..

    At least some people will recognice

  71. Asus

    Cool ads… still not going to stop smoking though.

    Very creative.

  72. hamid

    Very nice, but the intensity should not affect

  73. Rik

    Smoking is cool

  74. justin

    looking at these make me want to smoke

  75. GreenDevil'z

    it’s a good promo to encourage smokers to start thinking on quitting smoking ! Love the Art ! But should be reached to mass smokers! Keep it Up !

  76. GreenDevil'z

    it’s a Weapon of Mass Destruction ! Kuel !

  77. Rajan Singh Patialvi

    This is really awesome website…
    Awesome Creativity

  78. isaiah

    smoking is bad for you dont do it jk its good

  79. Mad Mom

    Smokers pollute the air up to 40 feet in every direction. As a nonsmoker, I am being forced to breathe this pollution. I have just as much right not to have my health threatened as others have to pollute the air.

    What is the answer? The tobacco companies are in this to make money. It is in their best interests to keep people in denial that smoking is bad for your health. Neither I nor my husband ever smoked, but thanks to their grandparents’ inconsiderate example, my kids do.

    No person is an island, everyone sets an example for others. If you really love your families, then don’t force them to breathe poison.

  80. Mary

    Re:(“As a nonsmoker, I am being forced to breathe this pollution”), wrong??? –as an active anti smoker I appreciate all the new laws and smoking is banned just about everywhere yet many people still do not appreciate it. So being so called “forced” would mean the only place you think you are being so call ‘forced” is outside while maybe walking passed a smoker for 3 seconds, while at same time cars drive by with exhaust. so if you are not unrealistic or discriminating what about pollution from billions of cars? If you drive you are doing the same thing as smokers as you say which is polluting the air. don’t give smokers ammunition to discredit us.

    I don’t smoke buts let’s be realistic. Lies and exaggerations make things harder as an anti smoker. Stick to the truths we know of.
    Wouldn’t all smokers be dead if smoking caused cancer? The health board says “linked” not cause so I will stick to that until I know more and not make up my own story and call it truth.
    The smoke stacks are a good one. Now about the real smoke stacks out there polluting the air, if you are not bias or discriminating???
    Again I am a non smoker, I do not like the smell or second hand smoke at all, but I will not lie or exaggerate to make my point or get attention.
    We will lose public creditability if we lie and exaggerate.

  81. james a. daugherty

    As a former 2 pack a day smoker I consider myself an expert on nicotine addiction. Anyone who justifies their habit by saying “you’ve got to die from something” is right. but,I don’t hear any of them saying “and I’m looking forward to spending 15 or 20 years living with emphyzema.” When I was young I often thought “If I live to be 60 I’d like to be physically capable of doing some of the things I never had time nor money to do in my youth.” I was able to quit smoking when I was 35. At age 59 I carried a 40# backpack 1450 miles in 100 days. Need I say more.

  82. Dale

    To all the smokers out there. I agree you should be allowed to smoke, at home. That’s it! Also, you should be held responsible for all medical bills incurred by you from smoking. All bills above and beyond what is covered by your insurance. Your freedom should not become my bill!!!

  83. Susan A. Foster

    Looking to buy a punching bag that looks like a cigarette

  84. Shaun cricchiola

    Dear all non smokers, lets make a wager, i am willing to stay in a room without any windows for 5 minutes with 10,000 cigarettes lit altogether and you stay in the same room with 1 exception instead of cigarettes you will have a car with the engine on for 5 minutes. Lets see who will stay alive, wake up guys the real problem is the polution in the air that we are putting by our cars and factories not cigarettes

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