Real Motorcycle from Akira

Real Motorcycle from Akira

Electric real world version of Shotaro Kaneda’s iconic red motorcycle from extremely popular 1988 animated cyberpunk action movie Akira.

Limited edition bike made by Bel&Bel pays homage to the Capsules group leader’s high-tech ride.

Akira Motorcycle features red racing frame with logos from Canon, Citizen Watch, and other Japanese industry giants.

Distinctive and powerful engine sound, a blend of MiG-21 fighter jet and 1927 Harley-Davidson, adds cinematic touch.

Stand out on the road with futuristic design of Akira-inspired motorcycle.

Real Akira Motorcycle is priced at only €24,000 ( about $26,050 USD ).

Own a piece of cyberpunk history that transcends time and technology.

Replica of Akira Motorcycle

Real Life Akira Motorcycle

Akira Motorcycle

Akira Motorcycle Is Real

Real Shotaro Kaneda's Motorcycle

Akira Shotaro Kaneda Motorcycle

Electric Akira Motorcycle

Shotaro Kaneda's Motorcycle

Shotaro Kaneda Motorcycle

Real World Akira Motorcycle

Real Akira Motorcycle

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