Z Motorcycle by Joseph Robinson

Z Motorcycle by Joseph Robinson

Electric motorcycle inspired by the dynamic shape of the letter Z is a testament to the fusion of form and function.

Z Motorcycle designed by Joseph Robinson features latch points that allow for easy removal and interchangeability of the 30 kWh electric battery.

Front fork of the bike houses a strut tower, ingeniously steered by the fold away handlebars, providing riders with precise control and maneuverability.

The “Z” graphic on the bike serves more than just a stylistic purpose, it functions as a dynamic screen capable of displaying a range of colors.

Unleash the thrill of the open road with the Z Motorcycle. Effortless battery swaps, futuristic graphics, and unmatched control.

Z Motorcycle Concept

Joseph Robinson Z Motorcycle

Z Shaped Motorcycle

Z Letter Motorcycle

Z Letter Shaped Motorcycle

Z Electric Motorcycle

Z Motorcycle

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