Drip Catcher Mug

Drip Catcher Coffee Mug

Innovative coffee mug designed by Kim Keun Ae catches coffee drips before they fall on the table and turn into stains.

Forget about saucers and coasters, all you need is this drip catcher mug.

Kim Keun Ae Coffee Mug

Kim Keun Ae

Kim Keun Ae Mug

Drip Catcher Mug

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  1. criticaleye

    Neat! But how do you clean out the channel that fills with coffee?

  2. Adam

    How about cleaning the thin groove?!

  3. Swiper Fox

    Maybe it needs MORE than 1 drip catcher coz’ some people spills more than others.

  4. Barrie Hall

    How to clean, soap and water. Even a dishwasher would clean it. IT’s a good idea over all and the grove isn’t to deep to clean with a brush.

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