Stuffed Animals with Mental Disorders

Stuffed Animals with Mental Disorders

German toymaker Paraplush has released a line of cute stuffed animals that suffer from different mental illnesses.

Depressed Turtle

Being an animal accustomed to a more relaxed pace, life in the fast lane has caught up with Dub, sending him into a severe depression.

Dub Depressed Turtle

Sheep with Multiple Personality Disorder

Dolly seems to suffer from the delusion that she is a wolf despite the fact that she is without a doubt a sheep.

Dolly Sheep with Multiple Personality Disorder

Sheep with Multiple Personality Disorder

Hallucinating Snake

Sly’s inner conflict must be interpreted as a sign of an ambivalent relationships towards its own body. Combined with the fascination of an apparently much more potent-seeming substitute rattle, we suspect the manifestation of a deeply rooted rattle complex.

Sly Hallucinating Snake

Hippo with OCD

Lilo has been trying to solve the same wooden jigsaw puzzle for the past few months without success. He is so absorbed in this repetitive activity that he is completely unaware of his surroundings.

Lilo Hippo with OCD

Paranoid Crocodile

Kroko’s hypersensitive perception is a symptom of a paranoid psychosis.

Kroko Paranoid Crocodile

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  1. randomness

    umm whyy?! O.o…

  2. Bob

    This might just be your best post yet.

  3. Ty

    Wow. I want one.

  4. jack

    I Love the croc!

  5. connor

    these come from or lead to a flash game where you are a psychiatrist.

  6. Reilly

    What a great image for children…

    Aunt: “And who’s this, sweetie?”
    Niece: “Oh, this is Kroko… he has an extreme case of paranoid psychosis and paranoia.
    Aunt: “Oh… I see… very… cute?”

  7. Winza


  8. Lushe

    Whats next, a range of disabled toys or extreme poverty animals. Any other disadvantaged groups we can think of?

  9. Kei

    I can see why people wouldn’t like this.
    But on the other hand, they can help children understand disabilities better, or feel better about possessing disiblities.

  10. chazzzz

    love them all, so sweet

  11. Bogyó

    Oh I want them all! :) They’re cute indeed. And they doesn’t have to be for little children…doesn’t anyone think of that???

  12. jumanicus

    if u collect these u most likely need a therapist, or u have one of these conditions xD

  13. Betty

    Cute, even witty, but not sure how I feel about these: Increasingly common health issue toys.

  14. Abie A

    Wooow!! Fabulous!! Really want every piece of those!!

  15. Alex

    I have all of them at home. You can also treat all the animals on the website. I love them all. When you order one you also got an Medical records in form of letters.

  16. Raads

    haha nice, its a cool idea :D

  17. SaraJane

    @Reilly- LOL!!

  18. Critical Eye


  19. Alaina

    I remeber coming across the flash site for this where you had to diagnose the stuffed toys…I can’t seem to find it. You should post the link here for people to play with!

  20. Ben

    Excellent !

  21. Kirvi_Inci

    Not cute or amusing.

    I suffer from very severe cases of OCD, and depression and find these to be wrong and just one more way our society tries to “glamorize” these sort of conditions.

  22. melissa christopher


  23. Ben

    So, Kirvi_Inci and Melissa, you’d rather not talk about these problems at all and keep them taboo ?
    I don’t think the intention here was to laugh AT people with OCD or anything like that.

    Great idea !
    I think I’ll get one actually : the turtle because I feel close to it, sharing the same problem ! ;.)

  24. Gert

    Eye of the beholder, had someone given me one in reference to some of my mom’s issues when I was a kid perhaps I’d have understood better why she wasn’t like the other moms and treated me the way she did.

    Lighten up people. Mom left me with depression and OCD issues and I thought the animals amusing actually.

    But then, I don’t take myself serious like a heart attack either…

  25. G Loaf

    why would you find this offensive?
    I have some of these things and I find it hilarious!!

    Justin Bieber <3

  26. Umm..

    I worry about people sometimes…

    this is just wrong, if people can’t see that. Then you’re just plain stupid.

    Ha, I expect to get flamed by this too.

  27. Taz

    Some of you guys are being hypersensitive.
    Would’ve never guessed any of their stories just by looking at em.
    I’d love to cuddle with the turtle.

  28. jaqi mugo

    Help me make sense of this – is it to comfort patients with similar disorders?

  29. The Hooded claw

    These comments are prefect for coming up with new product lines.

    I predict a new plush – Hypersensitive Hyena, too scared to laugh for fear they might upset someone.

  30. Atavar

    I think these are cool and definately a lot better than the bondage teddy bears you find at seaside towns. In a positive light they could be seen as aids to assist children or ingnorant adults understanding of the issues. At the very least they are taking problems from behind closed doors and letting people discuss and learn.

    Body dysmorphic disorder blow-fish could be another one.

  31. anon

    It’s not art if there is no controversy.
    Just saying.

  32. Kirvi_Inci

    anon : Yet not all art needs, or has, to have controversy.

    Ben: While yes these might be great tools for teaching a young child what these disorders are about, they can also be used as yet another tool for promoting the stereotypes that are often associated with these disorders.

    I mean look at it from my point of view, I don’t really like the idea that, because I have OCD, I am to be classified as someone who is completely unaware of the world around me because I happen to have a few things I must do everyday for fear of something bad happening. I know it isn’t “normal” and something other people do but I still feel compelled to do them. I look at the character and see something that only reveals half of the real issue. Not to mention that the overall look of the character is one of utter insanity, which I for one do not have and don’t much care for it being classified as such.

    On the one hand, they are bringing awareness to such disorders, but on the other, they are making light of them, which is not always best. Many of us with these disorders often get cast aside simply because people do not take them nearly as seriously as they should.

    Call me a bit callous if you wish, but when you have grown up dealing with not only the disorders themselves, but the ignorance about them from others, it would be easy to see why I am a wee bit touchy about these. We should talk about them, but only if what is being talked about is hard fact and not the same old stereotyping that is generally associated with these disorders.

  33. wow...

    I’m sorry, but the people offended by this are being ridiculous. I suffer from bipolar disorder and severe anxiety and I think the stuffed animals are all great. If you can’t even laugh at them, you’re taking yourself way too seriously and need to calm down.

  34. stacia

    Has no one played the game that accompanies the animals? Actually, I’m pretty sure the game came first.

  35. mar

    The hooded claw’s idea for a Hypersensitive Hyena is SOOOO FUNNY HAHAHA it made me laugh out loud!

    I love these… Kroko is the best

  36. cerulean

    agreed @the hooded claw!! too funny. Hypersensitive Hyena’s for all who can’t find these animals lighthearted. We all have issues/mental disorders/what have you, but there’s something to be said for being able to laugh at yourself. It’s helps the healing process.

  37. Doink

    Haha, i barely got up from the fall from the chair. This really made my day! :D

  38. Von

    Tastless, tacky and disturbing!!!

  39. Zerian


  40. timmay


  41. TenNeon

    These plushies are from a game:

    In the game, you work as a psychiatrist that diagnoses and treats (these) mentally ill stuffed animals.

  42. oliver

    hippo and croc

  43. Machine

    Play the game!

  44. Androo

    Yeah… these actually aren’t really meant for children anyway, so… relax. The children will be safe. *sigh*

    THEY’RE FRIGGIN’ AWESOME. I even have one of the aforementioned mental disorders.

  45. Jackie

    True, Androo. Those of you who bothered checking out the site or playing through the game (or part of it) know these are 100% not aimed at kids.

    Just like all cartoons like South Park and Family Guy are aimed at kids just because they’re cartoons, right? These toys are a little weird and the game at times disturbing, but that’s why they aren’t for children! A drugged up snake with a phallic obsession who you can give electro-shock to = not for kids.

    Also, I have been hospitalized for depression and paranoid anxiety and my husband has OCD. Be offended if you wish (honestly, its a waste of time.) I’m not, he’s not, and I’m buying some… maybe all.

    If you don’t like them, don’t buy them? Maybe?

  46. Rayne

    I remember the flash game. It’s fun. I always wanted the hippo. :D

  47. Lindsey

    These are from a flash game. and i’ve played it, i gotta say i feel more respect and understanding for those with these mental issues. by the end when you’ve helped each of the stuffed animals in the game get better, you feel a connection with them and it makes you feel like you’ve done good for the world. i don’t think it’s insulting, you really have to play the game to understand that it’s not mocking the disabilites, it brings more understanding of what it might be like for those with these issues.

  48. melissa christopher

    they are toys…children play with toys…teaching children that people with challenges like these are something to be singled out and possibly, probably mocked sends, i feel, the wrong message. Perhaps a story card to go with the toys could totally change the focus and turn these, obviously cute, but easily misunderstood toys into teaching tools of acceptance and empathy- just saying.

    I work with and have an autistic child. Some of these children self identify and are already struggling with their diagnosis. They need no more burden.

  49. Amanda S.

    If I were a psychiatrist, especially one for children, I would buy these immediately. What a great tool for explaining to already sensitive clients about their conditions!

  50. Anne

    Amanda, I think you are misguided.

    These stuffed animals are incredibly offensive and show absolutely zero insight into any of the conditions mentioned. The “Multiply personality” sheep is insulting. It’s not a delusion, people who have Dissociative Identity Disorder (the correct label for this disorder) are in fact more than one person or identity that inhabit one body. None of these stuffed animals add any insight into the conditions, they merely trivialize and mock people who have them. Maybe if the information was accurate and promoted acceptance and awareness they could serve the purpose we would all like them to but at the moment I would say they do more harm than good.

  51. Martie O

    I don;t believe the manufacturer had any intention of putting these out for the purpose of using them out educate children about disabilities.

    If this were the case they would be listed in a medical specific catalog of some sort, not to the general public.

    If someone were to use this as a teaching tool without accurate knowledge of what he was teaching many much more misinformation would be passed about.

    I am bipolar and very open about it. I strive to educate others about my disorder and how it has affected my family through several generations, often with sad results like alcoholism, drug addiction and suicide.

    I have friends who have a son with schizophrenia. He is their only child, refuses to stay on medication and has made their lives miserable at times as well as his own.

    Yes, people need to be educated about mental illness.
    But these “toys” and the online game are not, IMHO, the way to do it.

  52. Rob

    Far from being insulting, these make great gifts for people who work IN the medical field and often don’t get a chance to ‘laugh’ about stuff at work. I need a sheep. Because it’s cute,and funny.

  53. Sandy

    As a mental health advocate who suffers from clinical depression, severe anxiety and chronic depersonalizaiton disorder, this disgusts me.

    Agree with someone who said basically, “Why not have little dolls — children starving to death, or dying of AIDS or cancer.”

    Mental illnesses are MEDICAL/NEUROLOGICAL disorders. My approach is I will boycott these horrors. And the game is misleading and disgusting.

    Also, re: the sheep. There is no longer “Multiple Personality Disorder” it is now called Dissociative Identity Disorder and is poorly understood.

    The level of ignorance here at minimum is intolerable to me. Educate yourselves about NEUROLOGY, mental health stigma, and the devastation mental illnesses bring to families. Every one of you knows someone with a mental illness … friend/family member/co-worker. EDUCATE YOURSELVES.

  54. Sandy

    @Rob, individuals in the mental health profession are often completely ignorant of current issues in mental health care. I have spent most of my life (I’m 51) trying to get the right help and diagnosis.
    I have to educate myself, and have advocated for myself to literally TEACH medical professionals and Ph.D.s, M.A.’s etc. who think they “know it all.” Neurologists and researchers know more than practitioners, and what of children with serious mental illnesses — this is amusing?

    Also, physicians who are not practicing in mental health and other health care workers treat mental health patients with more disdain than “mentally healthy” patients.

    Been there. Seen it. Heard it from professionals themselves … until they find themselves with a brain disorder. Again, there is no MPD Dx now, it is DID. Have you read the current research on this change?

  55. ChEeSe

    i would never buy those for my child (if i had one) otherwise very nice!!

  56. Joan

    These are disgusting and insulting to anyone with a brain disorder…mocking their unimaginable suffering!

  57. JenB

    I am a special ed teacher who also has a daughter with a brain disorder. I think some of these are a great way
    to talk to children and adults about brain disorders. I have worked with kids as young as 5 who were actively hallucinating and paranoid who would find comfort in the croc, with OCD who would love the hippo, etc. By the way I am also a NAMI member, have a graduate level certification, and as up to date as I can be so I can be a strong advocate against stigma. I have been accused of being oversensitive at times.

  58. nick

    These are insulting to people with any type of disorder in my opinion I would never buy these for my children if I had one.

  59. Random Kitten

    Why?! your just making fun of people with disorders. this isnt even funny.

  60. NDurkin

    This reminds me of some stuffed animals my brother’s girl friend bought him a couple weeks ago. The stuffed animals he has are insane looking bunnies, and it freaks me out everytime I look over at his bed.

  61. me

    wow, just interesting to read through all the comments here and see what people have to say. i personally suffer from low self esteem which has manifested into depression (though not clinically diagnosed) and believe these toys would be great in an educational sense and to bring light to these problems. just my opinion, but i don’t think the artist had any intention to mock these conditions.

  62. dolphinminor

    to worry, i have mentall illness and this site is not makeing fun of people with this illness its a great way for kids to learn about mentall illness, yes its funny to but not in a insulting way

  63. Psyched

    The good: These look like a good thing to help kids to understand if they exhibit these problems.
    The bad: I could contribute to an impressionable mind to emulate these characters as well, so it would be wise to proceed with caution on how they are used.

  64. midori

    I’m personally far too familiar with two of these conditions as well and still I’ll say it bluntly and without apologizing: All of you who consider these toys insulting and disgusting are stupid. Not just wrong, not just mistaken, stupid, plain and simple. I’m talking to you, you proud sufferers, sanctimonious dimwits, holier-than-thou spokespeople of morality with no functioning critical literacy to speak of. So, to break it down for you:

    1. Clearly, these toys are made to inspire empathy, not ridicule. Hence all the comments on how cute they are, hence the moving stories in the online game. Yes, they’re simplifying the problem a bit. But the whole presentation is quite obviously aimed at smarter people, who are likely to understand the difference between a toy and a real condition. Also, they will almost certainly never be widely popular, so your theories about them deforming the common perception of these disorders are… let’s say a tad improbable to ever come to life.

    2. Clearly, the chances of any child being misguided by them are slim to none. For starters, they’re really hard to come across (so “children play with plush toys” is a shit argument). But even if a kid gets to them, they won’t see more than a cute hippo with a pocket for mouth.

    3. Clearly, they are not meant to educate kids, otherwise the whole thing would be advertised quite differently, without so much terminology and so on. Have you people never seen a single advert? Are you really that media-illiterate?

    4. And most importantly: You feel offended. So facking what? The notion that you somehow have a God-given right not to be offended by anything and anyone is arrogant, dumb and it’s bad for you. And the fact that you have the audacity to compare yourselves to starving children in the Third World just goes to prove how much of egocentric stuck-up halfwits you really are.

    Yes, I know you’re sick. Frankly, I don’t give a flying toss. Because so am I, only my sense of humour still works, which means I’m alive.

    Right, I’m off to preorder the Hypersensitive Hyena ;-)

  65. Riz

    These toys are absolutely precious.

    I suffer from a severe anxiety disorder, but I am an adult not a child. Still, I fell in love with that crocodile when I first saw it, and so my husband bought me one. I just got it today from him as a gift :)

    It is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen and it was a very thoughtful gift. It is not at all offensive and anyone becoming offended over these sweet toys needs to check themselves, because there is nothing wrong here. These toys are primarily designed for children with mental health issues who would use the toy as a reflection of their own ailments so that they can better express themselves via a comfortable/safe toy, understand themselves through the toy, and even learn how they can help themselves through “helping” the toy.

    They are designed to be therapeutic, and even though I’m an adult, I find an odd amount of comfort in seeing this little stuffed animal who “suffers” with me. I’m going to put him in my office at work.

  66. Krazy Kaz

    lol x im doing a book on a young man who suffers from psychological problems x

    it’s not based on true life obv
    but it’s setting sone problems about every day life!

    I find these cute x i first found out about them on russel howards good news!

    i would get the crocodile- bcoz im paranoid about everyone talking behind my back x (plus hese soooo cute!)

  67. Leah

    I have OCD, bi-polar, and have hallucinations and I am in no way offended by any of these. I think they’re cute. If anything they show you to ACCEPT the disorders, rather than treating people with them as outcasts or weirdos.

  68. Ophelia

    I personally think these are cute.
    But i doubt theyre aimed for children much in the same way that Living Dead Dolls are well.. dead.

    But personally i like them XD

  69. Nell-o


  70. crojon

    can i haz bi-polar bear?

  71. HighonPot

    I WANT ONE!!!

    LOL the snake is awesome!

  72. HighonPot

    @Crojon… Bi-Polar Bear! Hahha epic

  73. Jade

    I think this is a great idea! I suffer with severe depression and this made me feel more normal to know that they make toys that arnt normal. I think it would also help parents with depression explain it to their kids…

  74. Jeylan

    It’s from an actual game people >.< It’s not like a group of toy makers decided that it would be a great idea for children to learn about animals with crazy disorders.

  75. Melly

    I have severe anxiety and depression, and I think these are adorable. I can see how they can appear insulting or trivializing but I think they could be great teaching tools for children (and perfect for say, a child psychologist to use in communicating). I think they’re a great idea.

  76. Andrew Jardin

    The only people insulted by this are those “What would the neighbors think” folks or “challenge excepted” religious folk who have no idea what it is they SHOULD actually invest their time or concern in.

  77. Amanda Euler

    Really?? REALLY? Stuffed animals with mental defects?? Seriously? Wow…..

  78. Rowan Watson

    To everyone who is so bent out of shape by these (awesome) toys….. Is our world really becoming so sanitized that you can’t stand to see any reference to people or things that aren’t “normal?” What’s next? Maybe you won’t want to see any actors portraying characters with mental illness or impairment, because it’s “disrespectful” to those who really are dealing with those issues.

    Or maybe it’s just YOU that’s uncomfortable.

  79. rebeccazg

    anyone thinking this is strange should read / re-read winnie the pooh – every character has a form of ‘disorder’. its comforting for kids to read characters that are not perfect, and useful :)

  80. Pinkie

    So, speaking as a person with several diagnoses, including both some the plushies have, and some that aren’t mentioned, I must say I myself find these toys rather adorable. I would buy several of these toys, like the turtle, which I know would make me smile when I am in a down period. I have spoken to several friends with various diagnoses, and they all agree with me that they are not only entertained by the toys, at least one of them is seriously considering buying one. I personally hope they make more, and have even made a suggestion to the makers as to what I would like.

    I get that some people would take offense, because sometimes it’s hard to take a step back and laugh a bit rather than always hurting because of a possibly constantly straining mental illness.

    PS: Person who used the term “brain illness”: Please do not refer to mental illnesses as such. THAT I, and my friend, did find rather offensive. It, to us, sounds like one is suggesting one has a rotting brain.

  81. Pinkie

    I noticed someone asked what these toys were for, and I feel it gives people with disorders maybe a chance to step back and not take their diagnoses up and personal, but get to look at it from the outside. At the same time, from what I can understand, people without a disorder can play a game on the page that sells these toys, so they maybe can get a better understanding of what possibly a friend or family member is going trough.

  82. Frankie

    Nice. I want the hippo! XD

  83. Gabriella

    I’m glad they have these. Some kids could have these problems and having the stuffed animal would let them know they are not alone and have someone to talk to.

  84. Emi Soupene

    I’m “mentally disabled” and find these toys fabulous! I really wish there were one for bipolar (bipolar bear maybe?) I’m bipolar and would love one!

  85. Nicole

    Not that anyone cares what I’m going to say here… but here it goes.
    People are upset at these because:
    1) These are stereotypical representations.
    2) These are offensive.
    3) These are poking fun at serious conditions.
    4) These are not accurately portraying the conditions they are representing.
    5) These are disturbing for children.
    6) These are disturbing in general.
    7) These are trivializing real medical disorders.

    Did I nail all that? Do you agree?

    Let me tell you why I disagree with all of the above.

    I suffer from severe anxiety, as well as a host of other mental issues, and I think these are sweet. Now before you go ranting, I read the comments. I saw the posts other people made opposing it, there’s really not much you can say that I haven’t already read from someone else. So you can just open your mind and close your mouth (metaphorically, of course, as it’s a comment section and no one is actually talking)!

    I am a 21 year old female ADULT who suffers from regular boughts of extreme hyper-activity, to the point of where it makes me sick and can’t breathe. I also go through periods of joy where I feel invincible, only to crash back down to the suicidal offers my a**hole brain likes to suggest. Enough about the sad parts though … I cuddle with stuffed animals.

    Having a bad day/week/month? Yep, you bet I’m going to cuddle a beloved stuffed animal every chance I get! My boss and co-workers are seriously the best, too. I have a stuffed frog at work named Henry, and one a day I was feeling particularly bad, I even took in my favorite pink cat. I am lucky to have the incredible support there.

    “Wait, you’re talking about REGULAR STUFFED ANIMALS! If those work fine, why would anyone want/need these atrocities?!”

    Would I run out and buy one of these? No. They’re cute, but simply not my style. But I think of someone who maybe wants something like this. Someone with the same disorder as one of these little puffalumps. Are they stereotypical? Yes. Are they silly? Of course. That’s why the people who like them…. like them! They’re relatable, they’re fun, and best of all… they’re stuffed animals, which have been proven to aid those with mental disorders! It’s not that we don’t see the reasons why YOU hate them… we know why you think that way, but we don’t see them in the way you do. Just because YOU don’t like them, do you think that if it helps someone else it’s still a horrible, terrible thing? If someone is able to find a little laughter, a little happiness, with these silly animals, who are you to tell them that it’s wrong? Why, you’re making yourself look far worse than these animals! These make some people happy, while negativity like yours makes NO ONE happy.

    If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Don’t recommend it. Don’t look at it. Pretend it doesn’t exist. Whatever above contents you. But please …. keep your damn nose out of other people’s business and leave what makes others happy ALONE.

  86. Not Normal

    Nicole, You are quite right with what you put in and very glad you did ! :-)

  87. Kathryn the Mad

    (so many comments, did someone already say this?)

    These are most of the caracters from the free game “the asylum: introducing dr wood”

    I remember wishing I could have one of them for my own. Now I can, thank you.

    This game is the most sensitive and fair protrayal of mental ilness I have ever seen. As opposed to “the asylum” which is more a zombie and “scary-nurse” first person shooter kill-fest.

    The ward in the game with these toys is for abandonned stuffed animals suffering from the loss of their child. I want to give them a loving home :'(

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