Disassembly Lab Modular Shoes

Disassembly Lab Modular Shoes

Innovative shoes prioritize sustainability by incorporating replaceable parts to reduce the environmental impact of footwear consumption.

Disassembly Lab project by Robin Luginbühl reimagines modern footwear design by integrating sustainability into its core.

Modular shoes are part of a broader initiative aiming to extend their lifespan through repair, restoration, replacement, and recycling.

Using TPU soles and 3D knitted uppers, these shoes prioritize simplicity, facilitating efficient production, assembly, and eventual recyclability.

Modular approach allows for easy disassembly, promoting replacement of individual components rather than discarding the entire shoe.

Each design offers both functional and aesthetic solutions, reflecting a commitment to innovative and eco-conscious footwear.

Disassembly Lab Shoes

Modular Shoes

Robin Luginbühl Disassembly Lab

ECAL Disassembly Lab Shoes

Disassembly Lab by Robin Luginbühl

Disassembly Lab Shoes by Robin Luginbühl

Robin Luginbühl Disassembly Lab Shoes

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