Art Inspired Hairstyles

Art Inspired Hairstyles

Eye-catching hairstyles inspired by colors of modern and classic paintings.

Ursula Goff colors and styles her hair to look like beautiful works of art.

The Starry Night

Art Hairstyles

The Scream

Ursula Goff Hair

The Birth of Venus

Ursula Goff Hairstyles

Red Canna Lily

Art Hairstyle

Ursula Goff

The Kiss

Art Hair

Drowning Girl

Ursula Goff Hairstyle

Dancer Tilting

Ursula Goff Art Inspired Hairstyles


Art Inspired Hairstyle

Girl With a Pearl Earring

Ursula Goff Art Hair

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  1. criticaleye

    Not really seeing the resemblance in the Birth of Venus series of pix, but the rest are quite nice!

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