Apollo Wooden Wheelchairs

Apollo Wooden Wheelchairs

Beautiful wheelchairs made out of wood are unique works of functional art that empower users to move with grace and style.

Inspired by the Greek god of healing, Apollo wooden wheelchairs redefine the concept of medical equipment.

Manual wheelchairs designed by Paul de Livron to elevate self-esteem prioritize comfort and style.

Innovative manufacturing makes Apollo wheelchairs cater to diverse needs, with potential for low-tech models suitable for developing countries.

Tailored for comfort and aesthetics, these manual wheelchairs feature water-resistant plywood construction and thoughtful design elements.

From lightweight, maneuverable Apollo I to the refined comfort of Apollo II, each wheelchair embodies the ethos of dignity and inclusivity.

Water-resistant plywood construction ensures durability, while innovative features like adjustable straps and improved cushions maximize comfort.

Unlike conventional wheelchairs, Apollo wooden wheelchairs are designed to be visually appealing, promoting confidence among users.

Paul de Livron Wooden Wheelchair

Wooden Wheelchair by Paul de Livron

Wooden Wheelchairs by Paul de Livron

Apollo Wooden Wheelchair

Wooden Wheelchairs

Wooden Wheelchair

Paul de Livron Wooden Wheelchairs

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