Snakes in Classic Paintings

Snakes in Classic Paintings

Australian artist Bill Flowers cleverly inserts snakes into famous paintings.

Classic paintings enhanced with venomous snakes promote care and rescue of dangerous animals.

Starry Night

Snakes in Paintings

Mona Lisa

Snake Mona Lisa

Persistence of Memory

Snake Artist Bill Flowers

Sunday Afternoon

Bill Flowers

Whistler’s Mother

Bill Flowers Snake Art

Raft of the Medusa

Snake Artist

Birth of Venus

Snakes in Classic Art

American Gothic

Snakes in Art

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  1. Barrie Hall


  2. Swiper Fox

    Australian artist Bill Flowers has perverted, disrespected, and desecrated these famous artworks, specially the Last Supper.

  3. John

    (You think “perverted, disrespected, and desecrated” might be a little harsh? I mean, he didn’t paint OVER the originals, right?)

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