Bookcase Workstation

Bookcase Workstation

Modern bookcase with integrated workstation for one person designed by Dutch studio Oppewal.

Computer monitor, small desk with keyboard, and a chair are built right into the bookcase. The workstation is surrounded with bookshelves.

Space saving and efficient bookcase/workstation can be easily installed in hotels, public libraries, airports, and home offices.

Ontwerpers Cabinet Chair

Bookshelf Workstation

Cabinet Chair by Ontwerpers

Bookcase Chair

Cabinet Chair by Oppewal

Cabinet Chair

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  1. Betty

    Idea: The chair needs to be able to swivel outward…maybe on wheels so that the whole thing doesn’t tip over/

  2. shadow

    i would probably hit my head on that
    i’m just that careless.

  3. Gert

    Not designed for average largish Americans. lol. This would be great for that first apartment though.

  4. Rudy

    Not practical at all. The idea is to save space but you cannot place it flush to the wall and will take up a lot of space. Especially in small condos it would not work. Can’t imagine it to be stable either… Things would bounce around with every movement… Especially when placed on carpet.
    Just a novel idea but not good enough for production at all.

  5. Kamila

    Good idea, but I must complain ;)
    The chair looks extremely uncomfortable, especially the part in the front. Also, the seat protrudes to the sides making it impossible to place the whole thing against a wall. The desk is way too small and designed only for using computer, there is no way to write something by hand or read a book with the current placement of keyboard and screen. As a working place, it also lacks some built-in light source.

    By the way, who needs bookshelves on the airport?

  6. mindy

    And I thought my cube was small…

  7. Andy

    Nice design. But mmh… where should I put my computer mouse?

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