Dog Parking

Dog Parker

Innovative pay-by-the-minute dog parking boxes for stores and restaurants.

Dog Parker is a single-occupancy, temperature controlled, and webcam monitored doghouse. Easily park your dog when you go into a store.

You can become a member and use dog parkers around the city.

Dog Parking

Dog Parking Machine

Dog Parking Box

Dog Parking Boxes

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  1. Sgh

    Dogs won’t like that

  2. GM

    It went all wrong when it started with “DOG PARKING”.

  3. Clementine

    I find it a good idea. It’s better than tying your dog to a lamppost when you want to go into a shop. In this lockable box nobody can take the dog away or feed it with anything.

  4. eemke

    and i want one for children and elderly people too , because they are also not nice to shop or dine with !

  5. Liz

    At first I thought this was silly, until it said temperature controlled. In cities where it gets very hot or cold that would be a game changer for taking your dogs out with you! Not a terrible idea.

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