Apple Number 2 Pencil

Apple Number 2 Pencil

Retro version of the Apple Pencil wireless stylus for the iPad makes it look like the iconic number 2 pencil we all grew up with.

ColorWare made a special edition of Apple Pencil 2nd Gen that combines the nostalgia of the classic #2 pencil with modern stylus technology.

Pencil stylus with a matte and gloss finish features seamless connectivity to your iPad and fast charging.

Apple Number 2 Pencil created for people who need a dash of retro flair in their digital arsenal.

From sketching to note-taking on the iPad, the ColorWare Apple Number 2 Pencil does it all with style and precision.

Cool blend of traditional charm and computer innovation, it is a nod to the past, reimagined for the present.

The nostalgic rendition of the Apple Pencil brings back memories of the number 2 pencil from our childhood.

Apple iPad Number 2 Pencil

Colorware Apple Number 2 Pencil

Apple Number 2 Pencil for iPad

Retro Apple Number 2 Pencil

Colorware Apple Pencil

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