Urinal and Sink Combo

Urinal and Sink Combo

Eco urinal concept, designed by Yeongwoo Kim, recycles the water that is used for washing hands to flush the urine.

As an added bonus, sink with integrated urinal will also help free up some extra space in the bathroom.

Eco Urinal Concept

Eco Urinal

Urinal and Sink


Urinal Sink

Urinal Concept

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  1. Gabriel Marchezini

    Excellent idea!! Clever and simple!

  2. Katie

    Very efficient use of space!

  3. Sara A.

    Where’s the soap??

  4. Pete

    I like the idea, but the shape of the urinal piece is going to leave a lot of wet pants – too much splash back.

    It’s a blue wafer in the bottom compartment ;)

  5. Max

    @Sara A – it does rather…

  6. liz marquez


  7. Chad

    I’m not so sure that every user would not take aim at the sink!

  8. The Guy

    Great idea! Should be implimented in more places. Get green people.

  9. Truthiness

    I don’t know how many guys would want a window in the top of the urinal. Most guys are already paranoid about strange people trying to catch a peek while they are standing there.

    Plus, the guy in the picture doesn’t appear to be using his hands, so why does he need to wash them?

  10. Benjamin

    Yes, too many issues with this. I’m absolutely certain that if this were in a bar (which seems to be the kinda place to adopt a “clever” idea like this) then the sinks would be covered in urine by 9:00 every night. Also, many guys don’t wash their hands, this needs to at least have an automatic flush occasionally like most urinals. It’s already possible to reuse the water from the sinks in regular bathrooms if one just uses a pump. Finally, if a particular establishment is so crowded there’s no room for regular sinks then I’ll just take my business elsewhere, I mean what if you want to do *anything* in front of the mirror, like I dunno fill up a water bottle, brush your teeth (depending if the location is suitable for that) etc. I don’t want to be doing that right next to two guys relieving themselves.

    tl;dr: looks neat but can’t imagine a suitable place where this would work except a single-man japanese hotel.

  11. Bob

    Disaster. But I’m glad it exists.

  12. Jacob T.

    Hi, at first I thought this was a joke! But its actually quite ingenious. I feel this may in fact encourage people to wash their hands a bit more often because they can do it all in the same spot.

    I feel the second graphic that shows a row of them with the glass sink bottoms might be a bit off-putting perhaps because this design does not incorporate the traditional chest or shoulder-high divider between urinals that are often, but not always, used in public settings.

    ALSO, perhaps a little trial and error on the mirror, I might decide to angle it so as to not have an revealing reflections through the sink! With new designs come new dilemas! I really liked this idea, just maybe needs some more real world input.


  13. vikramkumar sharma

    hay dude, it is an excellent idea ._.

  14. Final

    Nice but people probably will not know how to use them.

  15. Kim Phillips

    Looks hard to clean. Shape could be improved so there aren’t hard corners and pee all over the floor. Good idea for water conservation.

  16. Don Truss

    bottom half is at the wrong angle – will cause splatter onto my pants, needs to be curved

  17. Jiggles

    What happens when someone decides to pee in the sink?

  18. Karin L.

    Somesone had too much time on their hands!!!

  19. Critical Eye

    Great idea, but many details need to be worked out (as several posters’ have noted). One more: partitions need to be incorporated between urinals.

  20. Candy

    Next best thing in saving water supply I say its very eco friendly

  21. adkarta

    wow,,this is great. you can actualy pee and wash your hand in the same spot..

  22. Derk

    I think people will piss at the sink window. Still the concept of the urinal and sink could change.

  23. Kirvi_Inci

    I know it is just the OCD in me, but this makes me gag just a bit to think of washing ad peeing in the same thing!

    It is clever though.

  24. CatCat

    As per some of the posts – the bottom guard needs to be much taller, with a curved back splash, round all corners, fog the sink basin, and shorten the mirror.
    A couple of signs might be needed as well – by the sink (wash hands) and a bit lower by the urinal part – (pee here).
    Love the concept, just needs some tweaking.

  25. Cory

    At first when i read the the title i was a little grossed out, but it turned out to be a vey good idea

  26. J'oh

    I dont know about anyone else here but my junk is clean 24/7 so I wash my hands before I pee! Oh and I don’t piss on my hands, so no need to wash them after.

    As for the concept its great! I Would have it at home just for show! Art is made to look good not necessarily be particle.

  27. Elphi

    Funny design, but innovative. I could pick at the quirks, but it looks like most people got them. Too bad it’s only for males… :<

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