Macintosh iPad Stand

Macintosh iPad Stand

Creative iPad stand made by a fan of the original Apple Macintosh computer.

Japanese modder was able to perfectly fit the iPad inside the monitor frame of the Macintosh Classic.

Macintosh Apple iPad Stand

Macintosh iPad

Macintosh Apple iPad Dock

Apple iPad Stand

Macintosh Apple iPad Mod

Macintosh iPad Mod

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  1. evie

    This thing is weird and stupid and cool!!!!!

  2. fandy

    reborn classic mac, with new technology


    Soooo why are you buying a 500 dollar ipad, when you could have apperantly the same thing in computer form for like 20 bucks?

  4. aditia

    very creative, first time I saw was the last picture but not on this site, and I thought that classic mac running ipad OS, lol

  5. pogo

    oldies and newies seems to be partners.

  6. hello yellow


  7. Celzn

    This is so cool!

  8. pete

    love it!

  9. Catherine

    This looks exactly like the first Mac we had at work.

  10. deekomoose

    I absolutely hate mac, but I’m a big fan of this idea

  11. EJlol

    And how do you get the ipad out of that mac?

  12. GustaveCo

    I love the concept, but it’s not for me.

  13. jahoo

    Very retro & cool!!

  14. Barbara

    Simply awesome for the nostalgic… What about the others ?

  15. bird

    amazing, but your arms would fatigue easily from holding them up to the screen for a long time.

  16. Tello

    So vintage cool

  17. Saity


  18. Turnosaurus

    Wonder how clean it looks with the ipad taken out. Nice mod though.

  19. Horizons

    How do you press the home button?

  20. Justin

    Don’t care for the iPad but this was really creative and neat. Great creativity. Love the nostalgia too.

  21. Tim

    Wonder if he set it up to charge the iPad while it’s in there… Awesome

  22. Serenity

    It’s bad for the future!

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