Miniature Cannon for Your Desk

Miniature Cannon for Your Desk

Functional replica of a real cannon small enough to fit in the palm of your hand can be used to fire miniature steel balls.

Tiny Cannon made out of high quality stainless steel unleashes mini steel balls with precision and panache.

Get ready to command attention with miniature cannon on your desk.

Colleagues and visitors will be drawn to it, sparking fun conversations.

It is a reminder that you’re in control. Like a captain at the helm, you command your workspace, ready to tackle challenges head-on.

Just as cannons are used to conquer obstacles, having one on your desk can motivate you to overcome hurdles in your work.

Miniature Cannon leaves a lasting impression, showcasing your office as a place where creativity and fun thrive.

Miniature Cannon

Simply Fun: Because sometimes, you just need a tiny cannon on your desk – no further explanation required!

Mini Cannon for Your Desk

Whether you’re into wargaming or miniature modeling, mini cannon adds an extra layer of authenticity to your hobby.

Tiny Cannon for Your Desk

Stand ready to defend your desk kingdom from miniature invaders (or boredom) with this compact artillery.

Tiny Cannon

Take a break from the daily grind and indulge in some harmless fun, firing steel balls to release tension.

Small Cannon for Your Desk

Miniature cannons are not classified as firearms under federal law in the USA and are intended solely for recreational purposes.

Small Cannon

Follow safety guidelines. Gunpowder sold separately. Make sure you have a cannon fuse or firecracker with a diameter of 2mm or less.

Mini Cannon

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