FLECTR 360 Bicycle Wheel Reflector

FLECTR 360 Bicycle Wheel Reflector

Innovative bike wheel reflectors for your bicycle provide 360-degree visibility, catching the attention of drivers from all angles.

FLECTR 360 bicycle wheel reflector is your essential companion for night rides, offering unparalleled visibility and safety.

Designed to seamlessly wrap around your bike rims without compromising performance. With no air drag, added weight, or imbalance.

Using high-grade technology, it provides gap-free reflection in all directions, enhancing safety without changing ride quality.

Bike Wheel Reflector

FLECTR 360 Reflector is a cutting-edge safety accessory for night riding.

Your bicycle will be reflected at night and seen by motorists approaching from any direction, reducing the risk of accidents.

Bicycle Wheel Reflector

Suitable for various types of bikes, FLECTR 360 is a versatile safety accessory for cyclists of all levels.

360 Bike Wheel Reflector

Built with microprismatic technology, FLECTR 360 ensures consistent and reliable reflection, maximizing your visibility on the road.

FLECTR 360 Bike Wheel Reflector

By equipping your bike with FLECTR 360, you can focus on enjoying your ride without worrying about being unseen by other road users.

360 Degree Bike Wheel Reflector

Unlike bulky reflectors, FLECTR 360 wraps seamlessly around bicycle rims, enhancing your bike’s aesthetics and safety.

360 Bicycle Wheel Reflector

With FLECTR 360, you can enjoy night rides with confidence, knowing that you’re highly visible to drivers even in low-light conditions.


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