Bicycle Wheel Lights

Bicycle Wheel Lights

Innovative lighting system designed by Adam Pettler and Kent Frankovich dramatically increases the visibility of your bicycle when you ride at night.

Revolights make the roads safer for cyclists, drivers, and pedestrians.

Two rings with bright LED lights are mounted directly onto each wheel.

Red LEDs are programmed to detect speed and work as a brake light.

Front lights projected on the road illuminate the path in front of the bike.

Water resistant, rechargeable battery powers the lights for 4 hours.

You can even order bicycle wheels with built-in revolights.

Bike Lights

LED Bicycle Lights

LED Bike Lights

Bicycle Lights

Bicycle Lighting

Bike Lighting


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  1. jacklyn

    totally smart!

  2. erwin

    Nice and cool idea, but only if it is cheap i would buy it. I live in a city where you only use old bikes because they wont get stolen. those wheels would make my bike a prime target.

  3. Betty

    The new requirement for all bicycles…right up there with the helmet!

  4. goli

    I want it

  5. Jury

    now the same for cars. signal stop and turn signals on the cars, and the wheel ornament

  6. cole

    changing the battery seems like such a hassle – it wouldn’t make sense with a battery that only lasted 4 hours

  7. Gert

    If you are riding your bike for more than four hours at a time it might be wise to get a car. Just saying.

  8. Chewie

    How does the LED ring stay within that area on the wheel when moving? Does it maintain that specific area by programming the LED or is it the wheel spin?

  9. kadal

    if only those was cheaper

  10. Katherine Paul

    This really increases the visibility of bicycle at night time, so it’s a safer action for people.

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