Distorting Mirror by Julien Vidame

Distorting Mirrors by Julien Vidame

Optical illusion mirrors offer a fun twist on reality by using playful distortions to change the way your body looks in the reflection.

Creative idea for “Distorting Mirror” came from a cool moment experienced by the designer, Julien Vidame, during a trip to Buenos Aires.

While visiting a café in San Telmo, Julien and a friend shared laughter in front of an old mirror that distorted their reflections into amusing shapes.

Fun moment of joy sparked the idea to produce the Distorting Mirror.

Instead of glass, warping mirrors are made out of thick polished stainless steel plates. They reflect images with a twist.

This choice allowed for the creation of custom-made mirrors that were both lightweight and affordable.

Each mirror is a unique piece of art, showcasing handcrafted undulations that add depth and character to every reflection.

Distorting Mirror by Julien Vidame

Elevate your selfies to a new level with Distorting Mirror by Julien Vidame.

Julien Vidame Deforming Mirrors

From funhouse antics to mesmerizing distortions, Distorting Mirror invites you to explore the endless possibilities of reflection with every gaze.

Distorting Mirror

Experimenting with different poses and expressions in front of the mirror can lead to hilarious photos.

Deforming Mirror

Distorting Mirrors can be used in restaurants, amusement parks, art galleries, or any space where a touch of whimsy and visual intrigue is desired.

Deforming Mirrors

Whether used as standalone pieces or assembled to cover entire walls, floors, or ceilings, magical mirrors transform any space into a carnival of illusions.

Julien Vidame Mirrors

Unlike conventional glass mirrors, which are heavy and expensive, Julien opted for using stainless steel for its durability and reflective properties.

Julien Vidame Distorting Mirrors

Each mirror is a one-of-a-kind, with its own distinctive character and charm.

Julien Vidame Mirror

Having a “Distorting Mirror” in the house adds an element of joy, laughter, and playfulness to the everyday life.

Julien Vidame Distorting Mirror

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