The Sheep Night Light

The Sheep Night Light

Animal shaped night lamp designed to look like a cute sheep helps create cozy moments and lasting memories with your little ones.

The Sheep Night Light from MoziDozen keeps daily bedtime routines interesting and makes counting sheep a whole lot cuter.

Made out of natural materials like Walnut, Ash, and wool-felt, it emits a soft glow that can be adjusted to suit individual preferences.

Sheep Lamp features wireless technology, allowing it to be separated from the charging base for easy placement around the room.

Perfect for bedtime stories and counting sheep, The Sheep Night Light becomes a delightful companion for children as they drift off to sleep.

Once the story ends, the sheep “returns home” to its charging base, ready to glow again the next night.

The Sheep Lamp

The gentle glow of the Sleep Sheep Lamp creates a soothing atmosphere, perfect for winding down after a long day.


Its soft light and comforting presence help ease children (and adults!) into a peaceful slumber, leading to better quality sleep.

MoziDozen The Sheep Night Light

Whimsical design encourages children to use their imagination as they interact with The Sheep Night Light, fostering creativity and play.

Sheep Lamp

Long-lasting LED technology ensures durability, while the USB charger makes it convenient to use anywhere in the world.

MoziDozen Sheep Lamp

Wrapped in real wool, the sheep lamp provides a comforting warmth, making it a beloved addition to any child’s nighttime routine.

MoziDozen Sheep Night Light

For children who may be afraid of the dark, The Sheep Night Light provides a comforting source of light.

Sheep Night Light

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