Rotary Phone Sheep Sculptures

Rotary Phone Sheep Sculptures

Amazing sculptures created from rotary dial telephones by Jean Luc Cornec.

They were exhibited at the Museum of Communications in Frankfurt.

Rotary Telephone Sculptures

Telephone Sheep Sculpture

Telephone Sheep Sculptures

Phone Sheep Sculptures

Phone Sheep

Telephone Sheep

Rotary Telephone Sheep Sculptures

Rotary Phone Sheep Sculpture

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  1. Amber

    amazing :)

  2. Sky_pirate

    omg! So cute, but weird at the same time…

  3. Dallas

    I want one! :D

  4. unDave™

    Once again, too much free time and resources.

    -by unDave™

  5. Art of Concept

    JEEZ! SO GOOD! Mind blowing!

  6. Final


  7. Jenn

    Amazing! The fact that someone could see making sheep out of rotary phone parts is a talent I wished I possessed, whether that be good or bad. Majoring in design I need to think outside the box, which is difficult for me.

  8. Utsi

    I Love black one……………:)

  9. MochiPu

    awwwww~ so cuteeee…

  10. Toasty O's

    Can’t you just picture one of these sheep turning to look at you with their blank faces and then start ringing?

    Then you try to run away, but you can’t because you in slow motion, like a baaaaaad dream.

  11. may

    cute…maybe even pratical…..but sccccaaarrrrryyyyyy

  12. bdoglena

    I wonder if the phones still work.

  13. timmay


  14. Jenny

    I expect them to bleat in a familiar rotary ringtone.

  15. Amy Snively

    I love these– absolutely inspired! I’m a voice over talent who does a lot of message on hold, IVR and other phone recordings so I totally want one of these in my recording studio lounge area!

  16. Raads

    WOW… someone must have been REALLY bored!

  17. Glovice

    I wonder if they used recycled phones.

  18. Mask

    I soooooooo want to buy one of these.

  19. Critical Eye

    I’m not sure what message the artist is trying to convey, but these are still really neat.

  20. Moo

    I don’t understand people saying this is just a product of boredom… wouldn’t all “artists” then have to be really really bored? This is art! Have people forgotten what art is since these days everything has to have a function? I say, entertainment is a function. Would anyone call a Picasso painting pointless?

  21. popo

    Its in the Museum of Comunication in Frankfurt, Germany.

  22. Cory


    It seems like every post of yours on toxel is negative in some sort of way. If you dont have any constructive criticism about something you obviously know nothing about, how about just refraining from showing everyone your ignorance to art and design.

    My comment on this is that it IS art and shows alot of creativity. I think it is great.

  23. Scott


  24. Atul kashyap

    Very funny.

  25. Rivera

    OMG The african-american sheep is awesome

  26. Gimboid

    This is in Germany… wouldn’t it be an African-Deutsche sheep?

    More specifically, it’s a sheep. So it’s actually just a black sheep. ‘Cause it’s black, and probably not got African ancestors.

  27. maureen

    I’ll never again see just a telephone when I look at one! I thank the artist for my new eyes.

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