SOL Pocket Rocket Bike

SOL Pocket Rocket Bike

Modern electric bike features powerful removable battery, controls, front and rear headlights seamlessly integrated into futuristic V-frame design.

With speeds up to 80 km/h and electric hub motor, SOL Pocket Rocket delivers an exhilarating ride while leaving zero emissions behind.

Equipped with hydraulic Combined Braking System (CBS) and bright LED headlights that illuminate the path ahead.

Regenerate energy as you brake using the Pocket Rocket’s advanced braking system to extend your ride and reduce carbon footprint.

Lightweight 65 kg body makes the bike easy to handle and maneuver.

SOL Electric Bike

Cool, silent, and emissions-free. The Pocket Rocket Electric Bike designed by SOL Motors is redefining city commutes one ride at a time.

SOL Pocket Rocket

Zoom through city streets on lightweight and agile Pocket Rocket Bike.

SOL Motors Electric Bike

Illuminate the urban landscape with bright LED headlights, ensuring visibility and safety on every journey with the Pocket Rocket Electric Bike.

SOL Bike

Charge up and go! Removable battery makes recharging a breeze, keeping you on the move with minimal downtime.

SOL Motors Pocket Rocket

SOL Pocket Rocket Bike offers an emissions-free ride powered by electricity.

SOL Motors Pocket Rocket Bike

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