Wave Bookshelf Mirror

Wave Bookshelf Mirror

Modular shelving unit with integrated mirror will keep your everyday essentials organized and easily accessible near the entryway.

Need a mirror that does more? Look no further than WAVE by Teixeira.

Top and bottom shelving surrounded by wave shaped mirror, it is a perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

Store your phone, sunglasses, watches, jewelry, or other small accessories for quick grab-and-go convenience.

Wave by Teixeira Design Studio

It optimizes space by combining the functionality of a mirror with storage options, reducing clutter in your living room.

Wave Shelf Mirror

By providing discreet yet accessible storage options, Wave encourages unique decor arrangements while maintaining the mirror’s primary purpose.

Wave Mirror and Shelf

Wave’s versatile design allows for endless possibilities, letting you showcase your style in every reflection.

Teixeira Design Studio Wave

With both top and bottom sections thoughtfully designed for showcasing cherished items, Wave invites users to curate their space with style.

Wave Bookshelf Mirror by Teixeira

Modular design allows for customizable layouts, adapting to different room configurations and personal preferences with ease.

Teixeira Wave Bookshelf Mirror

Combining a mirror with shelving in a seamless manner represents an innovative approach to furniture design.

Wave Shelf Mirror by Teixeira

Placed near entryways, Wave provides a spot to check your appearance before heading out and offers storage for everyday essentials like keys or mail.

Teixeira Wave Shelf Mirror

Wave Bookshelf Mirror offers a perfect blend of functionality and style, making it a valuable addition to any modern home.

Teixeira Wave Mirror and Shelf

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