Creative Photos of Ants

Creative Photos of Ants

Amazing macro photography by talented Russian artist Andrey Pavlov.

Using real ants as models, photographer captures beautiful and creative images that will bring a smile to your face.

Ants Car

Life of Ants

Ants House


Kissing Ants

Ants Bar

Ants Work

Ants Fishing

Ants Football

Ants Play

Ant Life

Ants Photography

Close Up Ants Photography

Ant Photography

Ants Eat

Ants Drink

Strong Ant

Macro Ants Photography


Andrey Pavlov

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  1. Nisa Zul

    hahaha cute

  2. Mon Sun

    it is cute! Love it!

  3. Betty

    Ok, now I’ve never thought of ants are cute, but…

  4. Sharyn

    That’s brilliant!

  5. Douglas

    Ants, being a cooperative entity will do amazing things if treated well and told what to do in a nice way…frequent shooting breaks, 401k, weekends off!!

    As a percentage, their brain mass is the equivalent of a human brain the size of a watermelon. One day they will be compared to the dolphin or elephant!

  6. ran

    how come….i wonder how those are made..aaahhhh so cool

  7. rikitingting

    That is just… beyond awesome. Those pictures look too beautiful to be real, they look like paintings or digital art! It’s amazing how the ants seem to cooperate, and the theme/concept of each picture is just brilliant!

  8. Sarva

    very interesting…it would be great if you share case studies of this project. thanks for sharing. very inspiring….!

  9. Art of Concept

    Awesomely creative and superb cool art! Love it! Great concepts nicely done!

  10. Mel

    And very creative!

  11. colooche

    Lovely Ants!

  12. Melissa

    Superb photography. It’s not really easy to take such shots, wonderful time consuming job.

  13. cornelia Vas-Diass

    The pictures are just the best. i am an ant fan and have them everywhere and it is just great to find someone that also loves ants and not just want to destroy them all the time.

    Great web site.


  14. Edmilson Leal

    Great pictures. They can help us human being to use our capacity and hability better.

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