Mirror with a Shelf

Ascension Mirror by Deniz Aktay

Multifunctional wall mirror with beautiful semi-circular design and integrated wooden shelf for your lipstick and rings.

Ascension Mirror designed by Deniz Aktay not only reflects your beauty, it cradles your daily essentials with grace and style.

In modern world where every inch counts, the Ascension Mirror is a space saving solution that adds both functionality and flair to your home.

Mirror with a Shelf provides a designated spot for your lipstick and rings.

Shelf Mirror by Deniz Aktay

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most organized of them all?

Ascension Mirror

With built-in shelf for small items, it is a lifesaver for those hectic mornings.

Mirror with a Shelf

Mirror inspired by the precision of the golden ratio and the Fibonacci spiral.

Deniz Aktay Shelf Mirror

Mirror with a Shelf by Deniz Aktay

Deniz Aktay Ascension Mirror

Mirror, lipstick, ring – check, check, and check!

Ascension Wall Mirror by Deniz Aktay

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