Flask Tie

Flask Tie

Stylish necktie comes with integrated secret container that will hold refreshing water, your favorite beverage, or any other liquid.

Innovative Flask Tie features built-in drinking valve, simply “bite and sip”.

Perfect necktie for office workers. Wear it to parties, concerts, weddings, and other formal occasions. Discrete flask is washable and removable.

Fashion statement of thirst quenching proportions. Easy Hydration.

Modern Flask

Necktie with Hidden Flask

Tie with Hidden Flask

Tie with Hidden Flask

Flask Necktie


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  1. Alba

    Insanity at its best.

  2. Alex

    Where was this 2 years ago on that cruise?!

  3. jacklyn

    If i was a guy, i’d totally buy this as a gag gift :)

  4. Don

    If you are sitting down, and the Flask tie leaks, you are going to have a bad time =p

    But this thing is Awesome.

  5. Heij

    It seems a little bit tricky to fill..

    But fun that they have used a Captain Morgan Bottle for the fill image.

  6. Spectator

    Reminds me of a song I used to like. How was it called? Ah, yes, “Alcoholism”

  7. Gert

    I know a LOT of former coworkers who wouldn’t have to keep a flask in their desk…

  8. Douglas


  9. Swiper Fox

    Just like Jacky Chan in the dessert wearing a black jacket with a concealed flexible water container with a straw.
    Jacky was with three girls and were captured by two bandits. They were looking for a secret military base with lots of gold bars in it.
    One feature of the military base was a big wind tunnel that was turned on/off several times while Jacky Chan was fighting the bad guys.

  10. Angelina

    The Flask Tie, AKA How To Hide Your Alcoholism At Work…

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