The Guardian Toad

The Guardian Toad

Swimming robot shaped to look like a frog is making waves across Peru and fights mosquitoes by disrupting their breeding cycle.

Mosquitoes that transmit diseases like dengue lay their eggs in still water.

The Guardian Toad creates movement in stagnant water, preventing mosquitoes from laying eggs effectively.

By disturbing the water’s surface, Frog makes it inhospitable for mosquito larvae to survive and develop into adult mosquitoes.

The Guardian Toad designed by VML Peru and Sapolio, is a solar-powered solution combating Peru’s devastating dengue epidemic.

In regions plagued by water scarcity and high transmission rates, this innovative guardian offers hope for a healthier future.

Water Guardian Toad

Solar-powered functionality makes The Guardian Toad sustainable, requiring no external power source for operation.

By agitating still water, it disrupts mosquito breeding grounds, targeting the root cause of dengue transmission.

The Guardian Toad by VML Peru for Sapolio

Achieving a remarkable 92% protection rate against mosquito breeding, robot frog surpasses traditional methods of dengue prevention.

Mosquito Guardian Toad

Designed to protect communities in high-risk areas, it addresses challenges of dengue transmission in regions with limited access to clean water.

Mosquito Water Guardian Toad

Powered by the sun, The Guardian Toad is on a mission to eliminate mosquito breeding sites and curb the spread of dengue fever.

The Water Guardian Toad

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