Zipper Earbuds

Zipper Earbuds

Zipbuds will help you spend less time untangling your earphones and more time listening to music.

Tangle resistant zipper keeps your cables in line and your mind at ease.

Tangle Resistant Earphones

Tangle Resistant Headphones

Zipper Earphones

Zipper Headphones


Tangle Resistant Earbuds

Looks like these headphones were inspired by Ji Woong’s concept.

  1. Bob


  2. Darrell

    Freaking awesome! Now just add some volume control and a mic and I’m down!

  3. Sam

    I don’t see how they are “tangle-resistant.” Maybe I’m missing something.

  4. Gert

    It’s how zippers are made Sam. It’s pretty impossible to get them knotted up and they don’t tend to twist well either.

  5. Sebe

    I werent looking at the earbuds if ya know what i mean!! :D

  6. Lymos

    Sebe, +1

    I noticed only after reading the last statement that the topic was about earbuds. She’s so cute and hot.

  7. gnarf

    beautiful girl in the pictures

    but seriously can you spell USELESS?

  8. Louise

    does it comes w/ the chicks cuz they’re all hottt

  9. Cola

    I did not realize Toxel’s majority of viewers were all this shallow. Good product though! Not great.

  10. Kyle

    Great solution to a common problem

  11. Rory

    Forget about the earphones that main model is beautiful….

    Good idea to a common problem, I hate when my earphones twist and tangle, does my head in. Hopefully the sound is good to.

  12. Doink


    Refers to the moment you put them in your pocket. when you pull your average earbuds out, you have to detangle them first. These babies form a thick line, so basically it’s impossible to tangle them :)

  13. bert

    simple but good solution

  14. Habibies

    so cool

  15. Arabian

    great idea

  16. Reilly

    @ Sebe

    Join the club.

  17. mikey

    Who is the model girl in the pictures ?

  18. Jess

    well, since the zipper only goes on for like 30 cm, then only the 30 cm are untagle-able right? the rest of it can still get tangled.. unless the entire cord is a zipper, i dont see the point.

  19. kylan

    …where can i buy these?

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