CyberTrailer for Tesla Cybertruck

CyberTrailer for Tesla Cybertruck

Fully electrified, solar-powered adventure trailer designed to complement and match the futuristic aesthetic of the Tesla Cybertruck.

CyberTrailer designed by Living Vehicle is a modern off-grid living solution with solar panels installed on the roof and side window covers.

Living Vehicle Trailer inspired by the look of Tesla Cybertruck, complete with stainless steel bodywork, angular design, and LED lighting elements.

CyberTrailer compatible with F150, Rivian, Cybertruck, and traditional gas or diesel vehicles. Priced at only $175,000. Deliveries start in 2025.

Living Vehicle CyberTrailer

High-Quality Interior: Beautiful black walnut wood treatments, bright walls, and ample windows create natural light-filled space.

Tesla Cybertruck Trailer

The combination of solar panels and a robust battery storage system allows the CyberTrailer to operate independently of traditional power sources.

Tesla CyberTrailer

Unlimited water from air! The CyberTrailer makes water using an innovative technology called atmospheric water generation.

Luxury travel trailer accommodates up to 8 people with flexible configurations, including queen bunk beds and a mobile office desk-bed conversion.

Trailer for Tesla Cybertruck

Cohesive design ensures that CyberTrailer complements the distinctive look of the Tesla Cybertruck, creating a visually unified and striking travel setup.


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