Books Transformed Into Art

Books Transformed Into Art

Isaac Salazar creates three-dimensional works of art out of recycled books.

The artist carefully folds each page to resemble symbols and words.




Dollar Sign



Recycling Symbol


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  1. Van

    oh my, absolutely marvelous

  2. Michigan

    I’m glad its folded, so the book isnt completely ruined

  3. Jules


  4. voldemort

    why the hell is twilight here, and not harry potter????

  5. Ohio

    I agree with He who must not be named– Where’s the HP?
    I was loving these until I saw the Twilight one. It disappointed me a little, but still. Awesome collection and great idea.

  6. Mihir Panchal

    How people create awesomeness out of little common sense, a few folds and the right imagination.

  7. Mapache

    I hope the artist read the books before.

  8. Richa

    Wow…amazing…how do pple get such ideas!!!

  9. Larna

    Simply creative…

  10. Betty

    Very creative!

  11. aditia

    If I can do this I will do it to my unused books

  12. wtf


  13. Jenny

    Just an FYI to those who forgot…the word “twilight” still exists in the contexts of its definition of an early morning/evening sky–not just the $hitty movie !

  14. Bob

    hehe… simply marvelous..

    For those “outraged” by Twilight, just think, isn’t this art a better use of the material than using it (a twilight book) as a paperweight? ;-)

  15. elitist

    OHHHHH NOOOO!!!! HOW CAN IT BE…. that book says……”TWILIGHT”!!!!

    IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING? I’M WAAAAAY TO HIP to even seeeeee the word “TWILIGHT”!!!

    (Grow the *@%# up…. if a book can make you “RAGE” you need to get your priorities it check)

    -Awesome work by the way!

  16. SupermarketLove

    Twilight used to be a time of day before it was a book…
    amazing work

  17. woops

    these are all really great. the recycle one blew my mind!

  18. bullship

    Though I’m not a fan, I believe Twilight is an easier font to work with. The artist probably couldn’t bear to fold up her/his Harry Potter books, since they are more valuable.

  19. miggy

    Nice piece of art very creative, the irony of “read” you cant read the book if you have did this

  20. Atavistica

    Recycle sign is genius

  21. cupcake

    I dont get it, how do you know that its twilight books?

  22. ugh

    A lot of Time on hands

  23. voldemort

    will all the people complaining about how twilight is a time of day shut up? you can obviously tell that they are talking about the book because it is in the same font as all of the books. god some people are so dumb. =_______=

  24. Koi Koi

    This is pretty cool. The effect is amazing!

  25. Ani

    Red Grooms did a portrait of Franz Kline by carving into a NYC phone book.

  26. Mull

    Amazing creativity, the time and skill involved with creating these are brilliantly demonstrated.

    And really, does it matter what name is created within the pages of a book. Literary taste isnt whats on show here people!!

  27. dr memals

    you should name the books, surely thats half the artistic point?
    I am guessing the Faith one is the Bible. and Twilight is the book of the same name but what about the others?

  28. Raads

    the “read” one is pointless; SINCE YOU ARE DESTROYING ALL THE BOOKS!
    aaargh! nice and whatever it may be, but books are my life, dont go about wasting them!! whatever happened to “aww the poor trees, how will they survive”!!!!!
    still kinda cool i have to admit….

  29. WGD

    There is only one book I would like to do this to, and that is my math book.

  30. clara z

    “why the hell is twilight here, and not harry potter????”

    well, people actually READ harry potter..

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