KARBIKES Electric Bicycle Car

KARBIKES Electric Bicycle Car

Electric vehicle combines the best of bicycles and cars for dry, wind-sheltered ride with the stability of four wheels and a strong chassis.

Powered by electric motor, KARBIKES offers a range of 75km, extendable with pedal assistance, solar panel, and energy recovery during braking.

Back seats comfortably accommodate one adult or two children, and the modular trunk is perfect for groceries and other cargo.

Enjoy sunny days with retractable roof, side windows, and trunk door, while staying protected during bad weather.

Lockable doors, alarm, horn, stop light, and turn signals ensure a safe ride.

Electric Bike Car

Unlike traditional bikes, KARBIKES provides complete weather protection, allowing riders to stay dry and comfortable in all conditions.

Electric Bicycle Car

With a four-wheel design, metal frame, and features like lockable doors, an alarm system, and turn signals, KARBIKES addresses common safety concerns associated with bicycles.

Adaptable space inside KARBIKES allows for versatile use, accommodating shopping trips, family outings, and cargo transport with ease.

KARBIKES Bicycle Car

Equipped with a 250W motor and a 1,240Wh battery, KARBIKES offers electric assistance, reducing rider effort and extending travel range.


Being three times more compact than a small car and suitable for bike paths, KARBIKES offers superior maneuverability and ease of parking.

KARBIKES Electric Bike Car

With 1m³ of storage space and a 150kg carrying capacity, KARBIKES is highly adaptable for professional use.

Bike Car

By reducing reliance on traditional cars, KARBIKES Electric Bicycle Car hopes to contribute to lowering carbon emissions and traffic congestion in cities.

Bicycle Car

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