Hopper Pedal Powered Electric Car

Hopper Pedal Powered Electric Car

Electric tricycle designed to look like a small car hopes to play a crucial role in shaping the future of how we move around our cities.

The Hopper is a cool three-wheeled electric vehicle that combines the convenience of a car with the eco-friendliness of a bicycle.

Featuring an open-sided design with a roof for weather protection, electric tricycle offers a comfortable car-like driving position.

Pedal power complements the electric motor, allowing riders to extend the vehicle’s range. This is particularly useful when the battery is low.

Hopper Electric Car

Hopper Electric Car comes with 1440 Wh LiFePO4 battery that offers up to 65 km range. Removable battery is rechargeable at any household socket.

Measuring about two meters in length, the Hopper is shorter than a typical car is wide, enabling it to park perpendicularly to the curb.

Hopper Electric Tricycle

The Hopper can zip through traffic jams using bike paths and side streets, ensuring a smooth and reliable ride even in car-free zones.

Hopper Electric Bike

Rear seat designed to accommodate two children or one adult, lets you take a loved one or family members along for the ride.

Pedal Powered Electric Car

Strong chassis and compact design helps the Hopper to easily fit in bicycle lanes and tight parking spaces.

Hopper Pedal Powered Electric Tricycle

With urban spaces at a premium, the Hopper’s small footprint allows it to be parked in spaces too tight for conventional cars.

Hopper Pedal Powered Electric Bike

Compact yet spacious, the Hopper has 300 liters of storage and a lockable trunk. Ideal for groceries, sports gear, and more!

Pedal Powered Electric Bike

With an optional solar panel, the Hopper charges while you ride! Up to 5 km extra per hour of sunlight. Stay green, stay moving!

Hopper Mobility

By addressing key issues such as sustainability, urban congestion, and cost, the Hopper wants to transform personal transportation in the years to come.

Pedal Powered Electric Tricycle

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