Wall Leaning Coffee Table

Wall Leaning Coffee Table

Creative two-legged coffee table designed to lean against the wall stands out for its originality and unique shape.

“InsTable” leaning table by Andre Paiva requires no drilling or permanent attachment to the wall, making it very easy to move around the home.

The table’s minimalist design is complemented by its cleverly engineered table-top, which simulates the appearance of a bent plane.

Distinctive shape is aesthetically pleasing and crucial to the coffee table’s ability to stand independently when positioned against the wall.

Wall Leaning Side Table

Unlike other tables that rely on four legs, the InsTable utilizes a two-legged design that requires wall support.

Wall Leaning Table

Wall Leaning Coffee Table reimagines the role and form of everyday furniture.

InsTable by Andre Paiva

InsTable’s structure allows for effortless relocation, providing versatility and convenience without compromising stability.

Andre Paiva InsTable

Wall Leaning Coffee Table is perfect for small apartments and homes, offering functionality without the bulkiness of traditional furniture.

Wall Coffee Table

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