Wall Chair

Wall Chair

Creative deck chair designed by Fabian Bernhard and Thomas Burkard.

To achieve stability, this chair has to be leaned against the wall. Anti-slip coated legs provide strong grip on every surface.

Even though it looks dangerous, this unique chair is safe and comfortable.


Leaning Chair

Deck Chair

Wall Supported Chair

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  1. Henri

    It’s like matches.

  2. chedie

    Even with the strong grip edge, I feel a little paranoid if it is indeed safe LOL

  3. Bonna

    HELLO! WILL SOMEBODY SAY HI BACK?! i love toxel! :) this does loook like matches!

    BOOO-YAH. adios

  4. Heather

    I like the idea… it needs work tho.

  5. Karen

    if would be even safer if the edges were tapered at an angle to reduce chances of slipping, or putting the chair too horizontal

  6. Ms

    Cool, but a little odd… Could be improved, so people could relax while sitting in it.

    Umm… Hi @Bonna

  7. Cj

    Perhaps it’s stable while someone’s just sitting still, but will it pass the child-jumps-on-you test?

  8. Poet

    “We saved 10$ by not putting another pair of legs on this chair!”
    “So why does it cost about 4 times as much as any other chair?”
    “Because it’s a /designer/ chair, duh.”

  9. V0ld3M0Rt

    LOL @Poet, man you so funnay. omg i can’t even. LOL 4 lyfe! no but really, haaahaa!

  10. Dominic

    Where do i purchase

  11. Abi

    And if there’s not a wall

    hahahah lol

    nice chair I like it :)

  12. Kid

    Simple and effective.

  13. Sam

    Thank youu @Ms :) For saying hi! hello everybody else!

  14. Shaun

    @Abi, lol im pretty sure there would be a wall, if there wasnt i doubt you would be on toxel. :p
    Hi Bonna,
    and Hi everyone else on Toxel, SUPPA AWSOME :DDDDDD

  15. holllly

    More people need to know about TOXEL :)

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