Bike Lanes in the Sky Concept

Bike Lanes in the Sky Concept

Kolelinia is an innovative bike lane concept by Martin Angelov that consists of strong steel wires for riding our own bicycles up in the sky.

The wire connects directly to the bike handle with a hook, and just in case you still feel unsafe, the hook has a hole for a carabiner and harness.

Bike Lanes in the Sky

Sky Bike Lanes Concept

Sky Bike Lane Concept

Sky Bike Lane

Bike Lane in the Sky

Bike Lane in the Sky Concept

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  1. Julie

    That is SO COOL.

  2. mrmoz

    Some people cycle faster than others, this makes it impossible to overtake, wouldn’t work too well if people got annoyed at slow cyclers

  3. ajayjshah

    Neat concept. Although the loss of freedom in riding a bicycle is no longer evident. As you’re constricted to the gird.

  4. Naveen

    wow.. cool concept.. :)

  5. Niyari

    sweet, and for the speed thing I think they can do double lanes like with roads, one for faster people the other for joy riders =3
    and besides this concept is best for business areas so being on a grid isn’t as restricting as you think.

  6. Dominic

    Awesome idea… when is it gonna get practical!

  7. Nico

    What if I thow up when I’m above of cars? People would be bit of pissed I think.

  8. marilyn

    we’re just now burying unsightly overhead wires in our cities….it’s a cool concept though and would be a great way to get your bike up mountains and steep hills. i sure like you smart people!

  9. gunneos

    and i don’t think cyclists would be happy to breathe in all the exhaust from the vehicles below (funny thing since you can SEE the exhaust in the last picture)

  10. gary birnie

    ha ha ha ha amazing! what a great world we would live in if crzy stuff like this was a reality.

  11. kevin

    +1 with gunneos and mrmoz. Just a concept.

  12. andrei

    to sum it up you cannot overtake,you might drop stuff on cars and people, you can’t turn around, you get black with exhaust, it’s difficult to ride, you’ll need a harness to ride the bike, you’ll need time to put harness on and off, get on the pole, it’s hard to change direction.


    You do get a nice view.
    Not practical yet

  13. Moburkhardt

    don’t see the problem this is trying to solve…

  14. John

    He’s wearing a helmet… can he fall?

    This is a definite no for me.. I can usually ride past cars with a bike anyway.. so why this system?

  15. Curtis

    Really cool idea, I think the cost of construction and maintenance (insurance etc) would be high, even higher than a concrete overbridge, pretty hard to bring it to ordinary use…

    But what if this is an entertainment facility? It would be really cool! I would like to ride on it!

  16. chazzzz

    good idea but……no,no.. not with my fear of highs

  17. Mask

    i think the idea needs refining but it could be really good with a bit more thought

  18. Karin L.

    I don’t see how this is feesable on many levels. Nice thought tho.

  19. Chris

    O for originality. F for effectiveness. Some tires are thicker than others. It won’t work with drop handlebars. No passing of others & there’s sure to be some first-time users who aren’t fond of heights going slow, clogging up the line.

  20. JK III

    Impractical and useless.

  21. Reilly

    I agree with JK III… it seems sort of pointless.

  22. Karen

    gosh people, its just a cool CONCEPT. i bet if someone had just invented concrete roads as a concept today, all you people would have a whole list of issues with it. ;D

  23. Jess

    I’m so sick of bikers who run red lights, go the wrong way down one way streets, and in general do their best to make sure they cause an accident. If it gets them off the roads i’m all for it. Bikers who feel they’re above traffic laws are a huge hazard.

  24. Petros Amiridis

    Nice concept, but I think the solution is to change cities from being friendly to cars to being friendly to other ways of transportation including the bicycle. I don’t think it is more easier to create a total independent network of paths for bicycles. Instead take one lane from roads and give it to bicycles.

  25. Alexandra Viranica

    great concept, but still lack of safety.

  26. kyle

    maybe if the bike was enclosed somehow. . . great green concept.

  27. Brittany

    haha ya this would probably work but what if u had to turn??

  28. Critical Eye

    Unlike other designs featured on this site, this one is obviously an exercise in thinking “out of the box”. As such, it’s really great!

  29. Joas

    not in this lifetime!!!

  30. Rose

    Overall the concept is exciting.
    In the future I think we will need to be using overhead lanes/monorail – bike-o-rail maybe? Our choices are up or down, because ground level is finished.

    Agree with all the issues on turning etc. Maybe a fast lane only or……it can power the bike for you. Like a rollercoaster. You can still pedal for effect if you want, but a fixed speed with a safe distance, will remain.

  31. Sam

    Maybe if there’s multiple lanes designated for different speeds it could work out. And it’s not like bikers will be constricted to the sky anyway. :P

  32. Aurea Astro

    Oh wow! Fantastically creative. I love the 3 dimensional transportation model. Is this possible? Anything is possible, given the power of a community who wants to make it happen. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Christopher

    And how hard or dangerous is it to make turns?

  34. Justin

    This looks like one of those wacky ideas they had back in the 40’s and 50’s. It’s an awesome idea, but not practical. I see plenty of lawsuits, because someone is going to find a way to spill their coffee, burn themselves, and blame someone else for not labeling it HOT even though coffee is SUPPOSED to be hot… Tangent, sorry.

  35. Angelina

    I give it 5 minutes before someone’s throwing stuff at the cyclists and using them as target practice…

  36. John

    Separate bikes and cars is a good idea

    Put the bike upstair made using bike less pratical (you have to go up and down before and after every ride)
    And reduce the choice of direction of the biker (only equiped road can be used… or you have to go down… and up, if you use a portion of road not equiped)

    Unstead, the good idea, is to separate the car way and the bike way in another way :

    With some walking/biking area (car and motorcycle forbidden), that can be name “pedestrian street”
    and with, near car way, a special separated lane for the bikes, that can be name “bike lane”.

    2 new concepts…

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