Autonomous Massage Robot

Autonomous Massage Robot

Innovative massage table equipped with two 6-axis collaborative robotic arms and powered by cloud artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Massage Robot Table was designed by Massage Robotics to adapt to any body size, offering a personalized experience for every user.

Humans can control the robot’s motion and force with their voice in English and Mandarin, making the body massage convenient and user-friendly.

Traditional massage therapy can be costly and inconvenient. Autonomous Massage Robot is a safe and reliable alternative.

Using AI and Machine Learning, the Massage Robot tailors each session to individual preferences, continuously improving based on feedback and data.

Robot Massage Table

Massage Robot eliminates the risk of misconduct and provides a comfortable experience for those with body image concerns, ensuring a safe environment.

Massage Robot

Developed for health centers with a low-cost Robot-as-a-Service model, the robot will make high-quality massage therapy accessible to more people.

Robot Massage

Unlike human therapists, Autonomous Massage Robot Table never gets tired, ensuring a full, uninterrupted massage session every time.

Massage Robotics

Combining advanced AI and Machine Learning, massage robot continuously evolves, delivering an ever-improving touch that feels uniquely human.

Autonomous Massage Robot Table

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