Clever Bradesco Olympics Ads

Clever Bradesco Olympics Ads

Clever campaign for Bradesco by Neogama / BBH ad agency from Brazil.

Olympics: like the financial business, to succeed you need to have a lot of skills.

Brilliant Bradesco Olympics Ads 2

Brilliant Bradesco Olympics Ads 3

Brilliant Bradesco Olympics Ads

Brilliant Bradesco Olympics Ads 4

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  1. Ghostrider

    Ok, I get that every Ad Agency wants to get their clients on the commercial spotlight during huge events. But honestly, no matter how cool the idea do you really think that people want to see a sneaker, clothing or a Bank Ad during events they only get to watch once every four years?? Question to the advertisers, Do you like to watch commercials when you have something you have waited to watch or be in?
    I would bank or buy the product from the “other guy” since they did not pester me.
    It is true you are only doing your jobs and I do honestly applaud you for doing it, there are a few good commercials. But they come on when I am asleep and I can’t name any right now.

  2. hex

    Those ads are pretty cool.

    Anyways, ghostrider, nobody really cares about whether you want to see the ads or not. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any to begin with, right? The point of the ads is cuz everyone’s watching the Olympics–it’s an international event and a great marketing opportunity. The big companies pay millions in sponsorships for the Olympics, basically funding the event, and they get their money back in the form of advertising. What we want has nothing to do with it. If you hate the ads that much, just tape the whole thing and skip the commercials.

    But some ads are pretty interesting. So just appreciate the good ones and ignore the bad ones. They can’t really hurt you.

  3. Wez

    I really like the ads I think that they’re very creative.

    I agree with both Ghostrider and hex.

  4. Wez'sfriendBob

    O Yes indeed Quite. I agree with both ghostrider, hex and wez. Nice advertisements reaLLY!

  5. erichansa

    what a mass.

  6. Dimitrey Afronev

    Very creative indeed.
    I assume he hard overlay of the individual frames is intended to represent the impossible.

  7. Saleh

    Wow! interesting!


    well well after C these I shuld say nice. but some komic!

  9. kaktos group

    wery gooooooooood

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