One Hundred Dollar Bill Wallet

One Hundred Dollar Bill Wallet

Now you can forget about the economic downturn as you walk around with unique wallet that looks like a stack of one hundred dollar bills.

Simply insert this wad of realistic 100 dollar bills into your back pocket to create the illusion of wealth. [order]

Hundred Dollar Bill Wallet

$100 Dollar Bill Wallet

$100 Bill Wallet

Loaded Wallet

Cash Wallet

Money Wallet

Loaded Hundred Dollar Bill Wallet

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  1. :D

    yea no one anyone would get robbed with that wallet…!…

  2. rokemany

    Doods,that’s too oblivous for thieves.I will never buy that for use.But it’s good to look at when you’re blue.

  3. Steve

    Very dangerous wallet!

  4. mostafa

    tempter wallet!

  5. manuel


  6. ahmed farouk

    wow its too deceiver

  7. DecalDude

    Funny wallet. Looks just like a big stack of bills. hahaa

  8. John Cloud

    If you use this thing in Asia, please always beware with somebody behind you. Very dangerous wallet indeed T_T

  9. Maru Velazquez

    after watch the picture of the jeans with that wallet there in the pocket… hummm.. now i REALLY want to spend 20 USD + my whole money and credit cards, ID card, etc. to somebody steal from me. Great… NOT!

  10. Hsoj Spillihp

    AWESOME!!!… when i woke up this morning i said to myself, “damn i hope i get mugged today”… now with this wallet i have no doubts that i am going to get gang banged in a dark alley. Thank you Fred wallets.

  11. Karin Stewart

    Great for a party gag with friends but very dangerous to use anywhere else! I’m with the majority!

  12. so

    i guess i’ll hang it at home then

  13. daniel

    nice concept, goog for jokes with friends. In Rio de Janeiro, brazil, they could not just steal you, but KIDNAP you.

  14. Real Deal

    I regularly walk around with a knot of real Bennies in my pocket. Never had a problem. But then again, I am 6’4″ (192cm) and 240lbs (110 kilos). And I study Muay Thai. But none of that matters. My question is, what message are you sending with this wallet? I guess this would go great with your fake prada bags, fake rolex, fake gucci sunglasses, fake gold jewelry or whatever other fake narcissistic badges of fake wealth people buy to inflate their petty confused little fake egos.

  15. Helios

    Real Deal you are so right!

  16. bayilik

    strange and dangerous but it can be people who haven’t much money.

  17. Yoshi

    Biggest Risk ever. Grest giving thieves a break. Fool your friends but then get decieved. If they keep nothing in it and make it visible, it could be useful for the police to catcth tricky thieves. Only beneficial use!

  18. corey

    in winnipeg if you carry somthing like that around in the down town section youll get shot and robbed s i would never buy it

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