Massage Robot

Massage Robot

WheeMe is a small robot that moves silently and gently massages your body.

Using innovative tilt sensor technology, the robot automatically steers itself across your body without falling off or losing its grip.



Massaging Robot

WheeMe Robot

WheeMe Massage Robot

WheeMe Massaging Robot

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  1. Julie

    Those pictures just makes me think it turns you into a crazy person

  2. Evie

    I wouldn’t want that thing on my back.

  3. bananaz

    ^ dont hate, dont hate.

  4. entreprenr

    why not hate? this is awful..


    I like it!!

  6. Jonn

    If that thing makes me look like them people I don’t want it

  7. Manpreet

    It reminds me of that alarm clock that rolls around for the person to catch.
    Cool, but it would creep me out . . .

  8. Omega

    It’s a clever idea, but I’m not sure it has enough downward pressure to actually massage. Maybe with a lead weight in it or something?

  9. rodiansinger

    I want one.

  10. Michael

    Great Techno innovation. Although it looks tiny but i hope it ‘ll work excellently…

  11. jamal

    do u have to be naked to use this?

  12. Jon Wood

    Of course!!

  13. Kurt

    Excellent tech idea. Whether it does the job of massaging – is question mark?
    It reminds that automatic pool vacuum cleaner. It works and stays idle because it was flipped over. Same can happen here and may break…

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