Cane Adjust Height Automatically

Cane Adjust Height Automatically

Halo Smart Cane automatically changes its height to suit different walking conditions, providing ultimate stability whether on flat surfaces or stairs.

Designed by Claire Ko, the Halo Smart Cane is an innovative solution for seniors facing mobility challenges.

Equipped with smart sensors, Halo Cane detects obstacles and ensures safe navigation, reducing the risk of trips and falls.

By combining advanced technology with a smartphone interface, the Cane adjusts its height automatically, offering unparalleled support.

Claire Ko Halo Smart Cane

Enhance your mobility with the Cane’s automatic height-adjustment feature.

Halo Smart Cane

Halo Smart Cane helps individuals to maintain their independence, allowing them to perform daily activities and move around with confidence.

Halo Smart Cane with Phone

Smart canes will play a vital role in rehabilitation by adapting to the user’s progress, ensuring the right level of support throughout the recovery journey.

Claire Ko Halo Smart Cane with Phone

Halo Smart Cane connects to your smartphone to provide a personalized, safe walking experience.

Cane Adjust its Height Automatically

Innovative height-adjustment mechanism offers enhanced stability, control, and comfort, empowering seniors to move around the city with ease.

Height Adjusting Smart Cane

Halo Cane by Claire Ko automatically adjusts its height for optimal support.

Height Adjusting Cane

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