Upside Down Photography

Upside Down Photography

London based artist and photographer Caulton Morris balances on his head and captures unique self portraits using a camera with a 10 second timer.

Creative images are not modified or edited, headstand poses in different locations were all performed in real life.

Upside Down Portrait

Upside Down Self Portraits

Upside Down Self Portrait

Head Stand Photography

Headstand Portraits


Head Stand Portrait

Caulton Morris

Head Stand

Head Stand Portraits

Upside by Caulton Morris

Headstand Portrait

Upside Down

Headstand Photography

Upside Down Portraits

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  1. Joe

    Hope he flushed…

  2. Angelina

    Amazing idea, but the toilet one? Made me feel a little nauseous…

  3. Pavel

    strong head :)

  4. Karen

    Man that takes skill. I would be scared my head would slowly start sinking into my neck.

  5. laala

    he must be a hard headed. haha

  6. nanobelle

    The eerie beauty of some of these photos transcends the whimsy and speaks out louder than the intended novelty. I love them. The technical skill of the photographer is apparent.

  7. Libeerian

    Forget photography. This dude belongs in a circus.

  8. jacklyn

    wow. lots of talent and skill

  9. kadal

    i wonder how he do it with the chair…that was awesome

  10. E

    Like. Except the toilet bowl pose…Too disturbing

  11. Roy

    I might try that – could be more productive at work.

  12. gunneos

    all of that within the 10 second timeframe!

  13. Running man

    Very cool, but man…. that guy is hairy.

  14. NIcé

    Why people!? Why..

  15. Yung Tsai

    So surreal, the last one could be improved with some more tweaking. Overall an entertaining series.

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