Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs

Creative and Unusual Sofa Designs

Collection of creative and unusual sofa bed designs from around the world.


Unusual sofa design by John Hofgartner from Winterthur, Switzerland.


SofaBOX 2

Acceleration Sofa

Copenhagen based designer Phillip Grass has come up with a concept for a space age sofa called the “Acceleration”.

Acceleration Sofa

Velvet Sofa

Beautiful sofa designed by creative designers Andrea Fino and Samanta Snidaro.

Velvet Sofa

Swimming Pool Sofa

Concept sofa design from advertisement campaign for Piscine Castiglione, a swimming pool design firm.

Swimming Pool Sofa

Nubola Sofa

Comfortable and soft sofa, titled “Nubola”.

Nubola Sofa

Star System Sofas

Creative sofas designed by Enrico Buscemi and Piergiorgio Leone.

Star System Sofas

Star System Sofas 2

Aston Martin DB6 Sofa

The Aston Martin DB6 sofa was produced between 1965 and 1970.

Aston Martin DB6 Sofa

Morphed Sofa

Nina Saunders takes traditional furniture pieces and morphs them into odd shapes.

Morphed Sofa

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

Is it a sofa or a scrubbing brush turned upside down?

Scrubbing Brush Sofa

The Flying Carpet Sofa

“East meets West” sofa by Tonio de Roover, looks like a flying carpet that wants to rise from earth.

The Flying Carpet Sofa

The Flying Carpet Sofa 2

Infinity Shaped Sofa

Creative sofa design inspired by the infinity symbol.

Infinity Shaped Sofa

Infinity Shaped Sofa 2

Stuffed Animals Sofa

Creative sofa made from stuffed animals.

Stuffed Animals Sofa

Abaco Loveseat

Made in Italy using traditional craftsmanship with sleek curvaceous motifs, this sleek designer leather loveseat is a representation of elegance and comfort.

Abaco Loveseat

Abaco Loveseat 2

Steel Sofa

Creative steel sofa by the English steel artist Ron Arad.

Steel Sofa

Wall-Climbing Sofa

Lila Jang’s Wall-Climbing Sofa is perfect for that odd corner of the house where no other furniture fits.

Wall-Climbing Sofa

Modern Sofa

Two heat-formed planks and minimal fasteners are the basis of this clean, modern design.

Modern Sofa

Mountain Range Sofa

The Monte Bello modular mountain range and sofa system is like having a little bit of the Alps in your living room. Since it’s modular, you can add on extra units to make a range as long as the Andes and you can configure it’s slightly irregular shape in a variety of ways.

Mountain Range Sofa

Nido Sofa

This modern piece of furniture has a metal structure and is covered completely in expanded polyurethane.

Nido Sofa

The Twisted Sofa

Creative sofa design from Nina Edwards that is sure to be the focal point of any room it graces.

The Twisted Sofa

SKiN Sofa

Jean Nouvel, the eclectic French architect always searching for new expressions, is responsible for SKiN, a sofa which is remarkable for its simplicity.

SKiN Sofa

Sofa One

Sofa One is a fun, functional, and clever sofa designed with an eye for imagination and utilizing space to the utmost.

Sofa One

Egg Sofa

Egg Sofa

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  1. Chachu Clothing

    Cool stuff!

  2. Justine

    I love the Flying Carpet sofa!

  3. cargo shorts

    i want one!

  4. sofas

    I have not seen some of these before. Great finds!

  5. dude

    i thought the point of a sofa is to sit on. these all look horribly uncomfortable.

  6. Jorge

    Love the swimming pool sofa!

  7. Archatas

    Wall-climbing sofa is very playful. Although not very practical. Anyway I would like one. And also the SKiN sofa for my enemies :D

  8. Alexius G

    I love the Sofa One, it looks so nice and comfortable!

  9. Alexius G

    how come they didn’t talk about the egg sofa pictured at the top though?

  10. Jesse

    I love the scrubbing brush sofa!

  11. MaxP

    The Infinity reminds me of that SNL commercial for the toilet for two. So you can enjoy that special moment of sitting on the toilet with your loved one.

  12. nate

    cmon these are obviously photoshopped …..
    why would anybody want to amke all these fake sofas?

  13. gomez786

    good work.

  14. Oswaldo


  15. Karyn

    It’s all about being creative!

  16. Cynthia G

    I love the silver one, Love love..

  17. Zaby

    Sofa 1 looks awsome

  18. J-Ri

    Some of those are crazy tight!

  19. DjBleezy

    i really like the sixth one, & the last one..
    i wish i $$ in my pocket to get one of these..
    how much do u think the ones i like would co$t?

  20. The Sofa itself

    Lol… they are having so much fun with me!

  21. Tori Halle

    Interesting designs. Some of these are not couches though, for it to be a couch I need to be able to have sex on it.

  22. The Baldchemist

    sofa so good.i guess if you are going to lounge around then you can’t beat an old fashioned couch.
    nice collection. thank you. the baldchemist

  23. Joshua Street

    Scrubbing Brush and Infinity get my favorite. The Stuffed Animal Sofa looks more like a stuffed animal massacre.

  24. Juz

    The Nubola sofa is my favourite, I think it looks really striking while still looking comfortable.

  25. Becky

    the twisted sofa totally looks like a chromosome. just saying.

  26. Remy

    While I do like the infinity sofa, these are all clearly design oriented only and I am willing to bet most of these were never intended to go(never will go) to market. None of these are practical, and as far as interior design goes, to be able to use any of these, you would have to design the entire room/house around a rather impractical sofa. Thanks, but no thanks.

  27. silindele

    thy all rock i love them

  28. Jesse

    Very cool stuff…Amazing designs.

  29. Grant

    Don’t you thing “the twisted sofa” should be “Chromosome” sofa?

  30. Ann

    I love the egg crates, not very practical, but very interesting!

  31. IRP

    Pool sofa. Best…idea…ever…
    Coffin sofa. Worst…idea…ever…

  32. leoparis

    Amazing products…I love all…Great Design

  33. Phoebe

    so cool!

  34. susie

    OMFG i want a sofa like tht lol :)

  35. ben

    These are all really cool to look at, but you wouldn’t actually want to blow a huge amount of cash of some horribly uncomfortable and impractical pieces of furniture, would you? The best one is certainly the first: an outdoor sofa in a rough area. You can make it as sturdy as possible and then chain it up to unlock when needed (and not raining).

  36. Lenin

    I’m really into the Mountain Range and One sofa designs.

  37. Yuuzaa

    Wow, that is the real eggs?

  38. Mary

    I want one!!!! They are cool!!! Great designs!

  39. Shoop

    These are shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

  40. Will

    i want the swimmingpool one! that’s sooo cool!

  41. Kham

    Wow, such cool sofas!

  42. Sofas KMP

    I love the Swimming Pool Sofa & the Scrubbing Brush Sofa.

  43. Message Forum

    nice pictures, now i am wondering, how you collected these pictures. i want to have these in my house.

  44. Sofas

    I wish I had a big house to have all of them

  45. ttfn!!!

    hahahaha scrubbing brushes!

  46. BrambleClaw

    The stuffed animal one is SO CUTE! do WANT. XD
    the steel sofa, looks horribly uncomfortable!!!

  47. Tony

    Love the acceleration sofa, and also Sofa one.
    But Nina Saunders…..come on like,
    I looked at the link too and …well I don’t get it.
    It seems like pointless tripe to me to be honest.

    If you’re going to design a sofa, then surely you have to be able to sit on it.

    Sofa = A long upholstered seat typically with a back and arms.

  48. Bec

    I want one!!!

  49. rahul

    stuffed the stuffed toys… really funny….
    awesome collection designs..

  50. liza

    cool collection

  51. leimomia

    Very cool!

  52. christopherer harry winters

    ……….superb- swimmingpool sofa

  53. Cool

    These sofas are so cool, loving the swimming pool sofa! Thanks for sharing :)

  54. tiago candiani

    Gotta say: SOFA KING AWESOME!!!

  55. A. Clarke

    Designed by the cousins and croneys of the super rich to be bought by the companies of the super rich as tax exempt buisness expences. They make look neat-o in a museum or Park Avenue loft but none of our middle class bums will ever touch them. I doubt we would even be allowed to build them. Maybe a few of us will be allowed to ship them. I can only hope.

  56. Sofa Surfer

    Some of these woild make great street art, public benchs etc- there should be far more of that sort of stuff. Melbourne is very good for it, but I can’t think of many other cities that are.

  57. Lolah

    I would so buy the stuffed animal sofa,it’s probably the softest one outta them all

  58. chesterfield

    Brilliantly bizzare. I especially love the contemporary spin on a chesterfield sofa with the buttoned look!

  59. Hena

    hahahaa niceee :)

  60. Deepa

    i like the egg tray sofa

  61. Dorela

    I love the bear sofa, it’s so cool!

  62. jack rabbit vibrator

    I would so buy the stuffed animal sofa,it’s probably the softest one outta them all

  63. Saud Ahmed

    Very goood Very art

  64. Eric

    This is the antithesis of real design. If you can’t sit on a sofa, then it’s a bad design.

  65. Shane

    Sofa One is the most amazing one!

  66. dharmendra

    same sofa are very good; others iriteted.

  67. amit

    Nice One.
    But what are the cost.

  68. Sugar Wolf

    hunshine I promise u something better than all of this when we get married

    <3 hala

  69. Bill in Detroit

    @Tori Halle: By that definition, the older you get, the fewer sofas there will be. ;-)

  70. Ronnie

    wow…so cool

  71. Roadmaster

    I agree with dude looks nice but uncomfortable.

  72. sharad

    i like the concept of infinity shaped sofa. because its a uniq design forever to my side.

  73. Abhishek727

    Abaco Modern Designer Leather Loveseat, Velvet and Sofa One. These three I liked the most but again they are very expensive!

  74. canan

    ı liked tem all sofa 1 want sit on it, must be funny thanks for the designers

  75. Sarah Mo

    The bear one is actually from Harrod’s in London. The sign on it says not to sit on it…very difficult to resist I’m afraid…

  76. Hannah

    heeey, i love the swimming pool sofa!! it’s really cool (y)

  77. Annie Co

    i really like the wall climbing sofa!:D
    its very unique!

  78. faria

    i love this collection

  79. Cindy Lee Bergersen

    I’m in New York.We all pay a stupid premium to live in, cuz it really is amazing.That said, most affordable housing is small.Love the boxed sofa and the up the wall sofa too.Very interesting way to view space use. thanks

  80. tempurpedic

    those look awesome, but some don’t look very comfortable though.

  81. Aparna

    very beautiful, swimming pool sofa is very nice.

  82. Tess

    Tehese are like of the hook i love it XD

  83. Warren Sheween

    Aah!…. thats absolutely great
    cuz its not a fun just a hobbies to have it!!

  84. Egg Chair

    Love the Egg Sofa!

  85. ally

    I voted for Nubola, matched my living room wallpaper.

  86. Ghazl

    I want one !!!

  87. raymond simandjuntak

    cool.. this is OUT of the box..

  88. ERICA


  89. helen

    fantastic creativity. I can’t imagine how those designers could imagine such visual solutions.

  90. Chesterfield

    Wow brilliant tufting on those contemporary chesterfield sofas! love the colour too

  91. shaffigupta

    are these sofas meant for sitting also?

  92. Christina

    The wall-climbing sofa is the best. Classy.

  93. sasahara

    wo0o0o0o0w pool sofa…so cool

  94. orion

    nubola luv it!!!
    I want to break inside my laptop and sleep there…
    don’t wake me up…..

  95. ChEeSe


  96. Mosaic

    All look amazing, especially velvet one. Good creativity!

  97. urban designer

    love infinity shaped one and Wall-Climbing!!
    really unusuall ones!!!

  98. Julie

    This is a great list of crazy sofas! I’m not so sure about the stuffed animal one, that’s just a bit creepy!

  99. Stephen Dodsworth

    LOVING the Aston Martin! Very Pulp Fiction.

  100. Emily

    Wow just wow these are really . . . . odd

  101. Lee

    It’s amazing how much the councils spend on art and sculptures.

    Quite a few towns and cities in England have steel sculptures. I know that a lot of these cost well over £100,000.

    Any takers for the steel sofa.

  102. Hippo

    Wall climbing sofa FTW! But I can’t see the mountain range sofa being very comfortable.

  103. Aman

    Excellent thought. I hv never seen this kind of design begore.

  104. Gagz

    i want all of them!

  105. Nikki

    We love them all they are all pretty good ideas and we had a great laugh looking at them all.

  106. HannahJet


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